The top 5 things you need to know about Access Governance

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The growing importance that Access Governance is gaining in the IT industry goes to show how organizations are focusing on regulatory compliance and the like. A rising awareness to security threat and a heightened concern for overall IT security makes it important for access governance systems to have a complete solution that addresses access request and controls, access activity monitoring and access certification. There are a few basic things you need to know about Access Governance.

  1. Access Governance is best described as “governing who has access to what within an organization”. It gives the visibility and control necessary to understand what you have in your environment and who has access to it. Business managers can be empowered to understand what employee entitlements actually mean and certify access accordingly. As a result a continuous process is established to ensure every individual has the only the required access.
  2. Access Governance is not a project or a product implementation, it is a continuous process to stay compliant with industry standards and local regulations, and to prevent both internal and external threats/data compromises
  3. Providing employees with the right access to business-critical information is managed by the business unit and not by IT, thus making businesses today focus on not only meeting compliance standards but also mitigating security risks
  4. Provisioning is not access governance
  5. Effective implementation of Access Governance can help address Entitlement Inertia, Orphaned Accounts, Compliance Myopia, Rubber-Stamping and Accountability Loopholes

Remember, it is not just knowing about governance and compliance, it is necessary to have a well-managed system that keeps a track of access and other privileges. Enterprises across the world are therefore trying to implement cost effective measures that will enable them stay in the run.

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