Disruptive Technology This Week

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What the world is talking!

Disruptive technologies, the 3rd Platform, SMAC plus – these are changing lives in more ways than we know of. Everyday. Around the world.

Here’s a roundup of what made it to the news on disruptive technology this week.

How disruptive can disruptive technology be?

As per this LSE report, the European Union proposing a Capital Markets Union is looking forward to disruptive technology to drive investment and innovation. As the current European banking system and standards struggle to finance SMEs and substantiate growth, the CMU aims to do so riding on disruptive technologies.Read more

Re-affirmation of prediction!

Computer World has predicted booming growth for the cloud analytics market over the coming years. This article reinforces the vision of Happiest Minds.

Is Technology here to take away jobs or create opportunity for better life!

We believe in the latter. We came across this beautiful round up by Fortune on the jobs robotics is increasingly taking on, but the impressive benefit that human life is drawing out.Read more

Beginning traces of Disruptive in Education – this is good news

Here’s a satirical twist on the fact that its high-time education gets disruptive. For the better of academics, University of Delaware has flagged it off that technology is already in and disruption is knocking. As service providers, there is good thinking required to ensure a proper future of the future.Read more

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