This Week in Disruptive Technology

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What the world is talking!

Disruptive technologies, the 3rd Platform, SMAC plus – these are changing lives in more ways than we know of. Everyday. Around the world.

Here’s a roundup of what made it to the news on disruptive technology this week.

Disruption is everywhere. Literally.

Even in the gems industry. Synthetically developed gems have been around a while. But with Citi adding man-made diamonds to its list of disruptive technologies calls for serious attention. Not only does this disrupt the mining industry but paves the way for a several ripple effects across banking, jewelry retail and others.Read more

New Research in Disruptive

Frost & Sullivan has come up with the latest analysis report identifying the disruptive opportunities for Internet of Things across various sectors. It presents the growth potential of various technologies and the way they can disrupt energy, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, aerospace & defense and microelectronics. Further, this research service includes detailed technology analysis and industry trends evaluated following extensive interviews with market participants.Read more

Keeping up with the pace of change

Is the Energy & Utilities sector facing a lag in keeping up to the rapid pace at which disruptive technologies are changing lives? There’s an interesting discussion around this grabbing UK. Is the ability to change and willingness to change a different game altogether?.Read more

The massive employment potential from Disruptive Technologies

Others are saying what we believe! Disruptive technologies can create several employment opportunities, along with enriching lives. While many in the world are apprehensive that disruptive is nothing but a job gobbling monster with all the automation and mechanic intelligence. Here’s some relief that the reality is in fact, quite contrary to the common hearsay.Read more

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