This Week in Disruptive Technology

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Disruptive Technologies and Career Building:

Disruptive Technologies are altering the dynamics of businesses today. Would enterprises who adapt it have a positive take away in general? Yes. Should every organization blindly adapt it? No. Should the age-old legacy systems be overthrown and replaced with these new brewing technologies? Well, it depends. Every organization spells success differently. But here are 3 key pointers CIOs should keep in mind to get Disruptive Technologies to work for your career. Read more

Slow or Fast? A drift from the interview.

There is a facet of advertising which requires a brand to be frequent, emotional, subliminal, fast, creative and stereotypic and there’s another dimension of marketing that requires the brand message to be slow, effortful, conscious and calculative. Though there’s no brick and mortar thumb rule or a perfect marketing mantra, the key to a brand success is to bring in spurts of both in enterprise strategy. Let’s learn more from Michael Bayler & Rory Sutherland. Read more.

The visual search is ready. Are you?

Imagine you’re walking across a store in Oxford Street and you spot a pair of shoes through his glass display or imagine you’re in New Zealand trekking through the woods in a country side and you spotted a fruit you’ve never seen in your life before. Or imagine you’re skimming through a magazine and you come across a sushi picture that stirs your taste buds. Now you won’t just have to imagine and stop there. Visual search by Blippar lets you get down to its T by just a click of your phone camera. A true Disruptive Technology. Read more.

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