This Week in Disruptive Technology – May 11 to 15

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What the world is talking about Disruptive Technology!

Disruptive technologies, the 3rd Platform, SMAC plus – these are changing lives in more ways than we know of. Everyday. Around the world. Here are some news this week

The Lessons Uber, WhatsApp, Amazon and Apple Have Taught Us About Disruption

Disruption is a concept that has been evolving since time immemorial. Think about looms, printing press, cotton gin, internet, you name it, and it will take you back in the day. The idea that disruption is relatively a new subject of limelight maybe far from truth, for the reason that, real disruption just means breaking the clutter, standing out, and making your product, service or technology available for the greater part of society. Take the biggest disruptors like WhatsApp, or Apple, or Uber or Amazon, what’s the one thing they have in common? Nothing. Read more

Top 5 Disruptive Technology Trends from Collision

If the statement “you’re the product of the five people you spend the most time with” has any element of truth attached to it, then hanging about with the innovative peeps at Collision must be a great start. How disruptive technologies would weave things into spewing products and services that would change the gravity of things in 2015 onwards is sure a wait-and-see. Read more

Is disruptive marketing good for your brand?

Sure, Disruptive technologies break the clutter and fetches you the kind of limelight that maybe you can do without a personal introduction. But are all technologies disruptive? Probably not! More often than not, some of the disruptive technologies are perceived as a waste of time and resources, or simply as a passing fad. How, then can you tell the real difference? What is the premise in which it is rooted in? Let’s find out

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