Can the ITSM Tool be a One Stop Solution for an Organization?

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In today’s world, most of the organizations using or wishing to use the ITSM tool want it to provide solutions beyond just IT. Management wants an ITSM tool that multi-tasks functions making it a One-Stop-Solution, cutting down the cost of investments in multiple tools and training.

That being said, what competencies should the tool have and how can it cut down the cost of multiple tools and training?

Well, here are the requirements of most organizations that engage multiple tools to run the show:

  • An ITSM tool to align processes on ITIL standards, where it is carefully designed to administer them
  • The tool needs to drive the ITIL processes and ensure people are restricted from deviations as much as possible
  • The tool design and solution should assist organizations to avail ISO 20000 and 27001 standards / certification
  • The tool should be used as a service catalogue for external customers showcase our host of offerings and solutions
  • The tool as a web service should be competent enough to submit enquiries to prospect customers
  • The tool should be able to run internal fulfillment services like – submitting human resource related requests, administrative requests or financial services request to the respective internal departments
  • The ITSM tool must be capable of integrating Active Directory and other cloud based tools for event management for capturing alerts and raising incidents accordingly

Today, corporate organizations look at the tool or service providers who can accommodate most of their requirements, if not all. It is easier to achieve this with smart thinking and meticulous alignment of processes and tools, helping organizations achieve smart and cost effective solutions.

Importance of the Service Management Interface

When your ITSM platform has sufficient flexibility and customization potential, it can be used by other departments for various types of service catalogs and departmental self-service portals. Of course, using ITSM system effectively in other departments also requires that those operating the system know what to do. Therefore, we need to choose an ITSM solution that doesn’t require non-IT workers to understand IT jargon that the HR, Finance, or Administration department professionals may be unfamiliar with.

With a clear, streamlined service management interface, non-IT personnel should be able to understand how to use the system with minimal training and start providing more efficient services to end-users more quickly.

The right ITSM solution can help departments other than IT, streamline and organize operations, adding to the overall efficiency of the organization’s many business processes.

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