Disruptive Technology Weekly Roundup – Dec 16th to Dec 23rd

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Big data driven initiatives and strategies are driving the data investments in IT enterprises. Realizing the potential of the large chunks of structured/ unstructured data in deriving better business insights and customer behavior enterprises have incorporated Big data strategy into their IT road map a few years back itself. However, many of them are still struggling to reap the real benefits of big data as they are still stuck in the collection phase and not yet moved into the analytics phase. The complexity of data analytics and the lack of adequate skill set are the major reasons behind this lagging. However, on the flipside of the data management arena, NoSQL reminds us the simplicity of data management and how easy it is for newcomers to become productive. The simplicity and flexibility of NoSQL make it an ideal choice for data management and analytics. The two main revolutions that have been transforming Big Data world for the past 5-10 years have been Big Data and NoSQL. Born with different workloads in mind, different goals and different audiences and even after evolving differently both of them are very dependent to each other. The simplicity, convenience and productivity of NoSQL can help Big data in its journey, especially in deep data trenches. Read More.

Big data- the game changer with the potential to not only change the world but predict the future has sparked the interest of IT enterprises across the globe. Next is IoT’s turn. Currently, an estimated 4.9 billion sensors are connected to the internet and that number is expected to rocket to 38 to 50 billion in just five years. Both the technologies are positioning in a way to change the way we live, manufacture things and produce the energy we depend on. Wearables from smart watches to fitness trackers, smart clothing, and intelligent safety wear, are increasingly used to, not only collect data but analyze it in order to provide pattern-based predictions. By leveraging intelligent insights provided by Big Data collection and analysis, industries are creating dramatic increases in operational efficiency and productivity at the same time lowering the operational costs. Whether in health care sector, environmental sector, manufacturing sector or in IT, advancements in both Big data analytics and IoT are offering highly compelling propositions and driving organizations into previously unseen territories. Read More.

Big Data Analytics has become ever more important to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and other information that can be used to improve customer relationships and gain valuable business insights. However, the challenge is how to tackle too much of data, analyze it and derive actionable business insights from it. Smart Big Data Analytics Solutions that can provide true, actionable insights helps organizations to gain a competitive advantage. Happiest Minds Big Data Analytics solution spans from advanced Data Integration and Data Warehousing to building the architecture for advanced analytics in three stages – Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive. This comprehensive framework forms the premise for smart Business Intelligence and advanced visualization that provide businesses with actionable insights and empowers them to devise effective, result-oriented strategies and take data-driven business decisions.

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