Disruptive Technology Weekly Roundup – Sep 17th to Sep 23th

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The true skill of deploying the essence of disruptive technology in an enterprise comes with an ability to make better informed decisions, make on-the-fly adjustments and tweak its products and services in absolute accordance with the market trends. Businesses in a few markets, mostly emerging ones, have not had the privilege to capitalize on it and enjoy the benefits of them in the long run. How does on tap into opportunities given the economic conditions don’t appear the most favorable? Read more:

Disruptive technologies not just change the way enterprises functions, but also the way people think. The idea of disruption emerges from the fact that it breaks the status quo and brings some sort of a positive innovation to disposal which would be channeled to all the organizational practices right from R&D to branding to manufacturing to packaging to distribution. Considering a company that manufactures driverless hover-cars, it may not be in its best interest to disrupt the traditional car market unless consumers decide they are better. How does one bring about this paradigm shift from the consumers’ standpoint? Read more:

Mobility is one of the indispensable disruptive technologies that have surfaced in the recent years that will change the gravity of the technological world for many decades to come. Just in the last couple of years, Mobility has unlocked immense potential and unleashed innovative solutions on the fly, helping businesses grow exponentially. The growing number of applications for products and services today is just a byproduct of that. Happiest Minds, one of the pioneers of disruptive technologies showcases a portfolio of services that caters to make the mobility solutions of many technological clients better. Happiest Minds’ framework which is combination of Mobility Advisory Services, Mobility Application Development Services, Mobility Quality Assurance and Enterprise Mobility Management is designed to bring about a disruptive technological change for its clientele? Read here:

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