Disruptive Technology Weekly

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Disruptive technologies, the 3rd Platform, SMAC plus – these are changing lives in more ways than we know of. Everyday. Around the world. Here is the weekly roundup on Disruptive Technology from around the world.

1. Disruptive Technologies that will change the world.

Disruptive Technology has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. Enterprises consider it an imperative to stay attuned to them to harness the best of what’s new in the IT world and gain a competitive edge! Rightfully, a term for technologies that tend to blindside companies that aren’t aware of them have been assigned to what’s popularly known as Disruptive Technology today. That being said, what among them would change the future? Read more.

2. What makes technology evolve?

Investors the world over, are measuring up newer technologies that will change the landscape of the future of Information Technology forever. Keeping that in mind, what gives technology that push, to propel and evolve to make life easier to us than what it already is? The answer although is Disruptive Technology, is much more than that. Does Xerox inventing the 911 plain paper back in the day when people were carbon-copying 7 copies at a time, pass off as Disruptive Technology? Maybe. Read more.

3. Leverage Disruptive Technology to boost your bottom line.

The new speaker at Tech Beat Lunch & Learn says that ‘technical boundaries of individuals don’t define their roles, but expand their goal sets’. If people and the skills they bring are key to the future of Disruptive Technology, then shouldn’t success be virtualizing an IT department to become fully cross-functional? Read more to walk-the-talk.

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