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Episode 3: Happiest Minds DevOps Approach

In this blog post, Karthi discusses the Happiest Minds DevOps Approach to overcome software delivery challenges to create a high performing IT team delivery system that paces at the speed of business by seamlessly and simultaneously simplifying the developer experience, increasing developer productivity, shortening project cycle times and optimizing resource utilization.

We have find out that by following the “DevOps” approach, we can address the software delivery challenges and can promise more stable software delivery on time. But what does it take to follow the devOps approach? How can you implement the same?

Happiest Minds believes in the agile mantra ‘People over Process over Tools’. With the right people, we establish the right process and choose the right tools which will eventually deliver the positive end results.

People – Communication & Collaboration.
Process – Source Control Check- ins, Code Review, Code Quality, Change Control, RCA’s.
Tools – For Continuous Delivery (achieve by the combination of Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Testing) and Continuous Monitoring.

7 C’s of DevOps – The Happiest Minds Way

  1. Communication
  2. Collaboration
  3. Controlled Process
  4. Continuous Integration
  5. Continuous Deployment
  6. Continuous Testing
  7. Continuous Monitoring

Without Automation There Is No DevOps.

  • Automate Provisioning – Infrastructure as Code.
  • Automate Builds – Continuous Integration.
  • Automate Deployments – Defined Deployment Pipeline and Continuous Deployments with appropriate configurations for the environments.
  • Automate Testing – Continuous Testing, Automated tests after each deployment.
  • Automate Monitoring – Proper monitors in place sending alerts & messages.
  • Automate Metrics – Performance Metrics, Logs.

So by following and implementing the Happiest Minds DevOps approach what benefits do you get? Stay tuned for the next episode!

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  • Venkatesh

    Communication, Planning and Strategy for implementing a specific devops project are areas, that definitely requires human intervention and plays a very key role.

    Planning and Strategy – Project Managers and PMO
    Communications – Scrum Masters, Stand up calls, sprint meetings if it is also integrated with agile.



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