Disruptive Technology Weekly Roundup – Oct 14th to Oct 20th

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The year 2015 is witnessing a lot in terms of the digital transformation and disruption. The digital disruptions are influencing the way in which business processes are developed, managed and improved. From the traditional encyclopedia approach of process documentation and references, businesses are now adopting new collaboration tools and mobile technologies for knowledge sharing. To support this, organizations have introduced company-wide intranets and deployed dedicated online process management solutions which can be accessed from any location, across a wide variety of mobile devices. Online Process Management, which has started its main stream journey very lately is now luring majority of businesses into it, thanks to the innovators and early adopters who paved the way for this new approach to process management. Since process management directly impacts customer experience and satisfaction, many businesses are planning to embark on their shift to online process management. We can expect more interesting disruptions in the Online Process Management field very soon. Read more

We are moving into an age of connected things which can communicate and share information with each other. The connected objects or Internet of Things (IoT) could be anything your fridges and watches, to central heating systems and even the shoes and clothes we wear. All these interconnected devices are creating huge opportunities for marketers in terms of data. The IoT opportunities fall into two camps, first in improving the efficiency and convenience of the consumers and secondly in creating a totally new market place with disruptive technology. Marketers will be getting the unique opportunity to become innovators, creating services and products that add real value to consumers. Big Data from the vast range of interconnected devices helps marketers to build far more accurate profiles of consumers and enable them to deliver more personalized solutions for the customers. The value of IoT is not directly linked with the connected devices but in obtaining, analyzing and churning out real business insights from it. Read more

Software Defined Data Centre(SDDC) is increasingly changing the architecture of many business models. SDCC enables the delivery of virtualized infrastructure – networking, storage, CPU and security on a service based model. The provisioning and operation of the entire infrastructure will be software automated. This is a paradigm shift from the traditional operations and management model to a more business application centric vision. SDDC being one of the truly disruptive technologies of the times brings with it the competitive advantages and value additions such as better scalability, agility, and flexibility. Happiest Minds, one of the renowned next generation digital transformation companies, has the right mix of expertise in foundation networking ad disruptive technologies to deliver automated data center services for the clients. The intelligent package encompasses a host of services, solutions, key technologies and components designed to give the end-users the benefit of viewing and controlling storage assets. Find Out More.

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