This Week in Disruptive Technology – May 18 to 25

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More scoops from the world of Disruptive Technology.

Putting Buzzwords To Work

Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship(CIE) is an integral part of UNCW. It not just sets trendy buzzwords in communication, but also enlivens them and make them work to add maximum value for entrepreneurs. With over two years of experience of laying solid foundation for R&D, it empowers thriving industry-university initiatives that promote technology transfer by introducing disruptive research breakthroughs. Read more

Indian IT Landscape

‘The rate at which the disruptive technologies have been breaking through in the Indian IT landscape has been phenomenal. With disruptive technologies such as Big Data, IoT, SMAC, enterprises don’t see the evolution coming to a halt in the near future. Read more to get a comprehensive idea of the size and structure of the Indian IT services market and get valuable insights on the same. Read more

Designing a Disruptive Technology Strategy

As a disruptive technology strategist, one must know the right moments to ask the critical ‘what if’ questions. It is important to comprehend that what might seem like an insignificant detail of something at a time, may dramatically affect the long-term course of the business, in an another. The tact lies in the difference between designing a feature toddle or an app source as a slight change in the way a single feature is built might enable an entire third-party ecosystem. Read more

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