This Week in Disruptive Technology – May 4 to 8

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What does innovation really mean?Innovation can mean a lot of things. It could be employing newer technology, tools & products, it could mean a business philosophy that would change the dynamics of things, or it might as well mean a government contracting policy or regulation or training initiative. That being said, what does disruption mean? How will it create newer market and value networks? How will it eventually value legacy technology? Read more

Is Your Portfolio Ready for an Invasion of Disruptive Technologies?

To fully comprehend the creative wave of disruption, we need to consider two things. First, the exponential concept of how customers think in linear terms. Second, the fact that real disruption is not atomic in nature, but rather, comes through simpler, smaller machines. How we choose to leverage it to get a competitive edge or enhance brand presence or go with market penetration is dependent on our business model. Read more

The Coming Revolution

3D printing is thought to be an outlandish development in the disruptive world. As of today, the market seems limited and it won’t be anything shorter than a year before retailers can follow their will and start having them up as their stocks. Granted it may be hard for a customer to justify owning one at this point. But the deal with disruption is always ‘first come, first serve’, it is the first-mover advantage. The faster you employ it, the more you evolve with what you can do with it. Imagine dropping off a design at a local retailer and picking up the finished 3D printed article the next day, and what you can do from there! Read more

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