Top 5 Reasons Why Devops Will Transition Into Mainstream Strategy 2016

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Top 5 Reasons Why Devops Will Transition Into Mainstream Strategy 2016 #tech2016

Here is why I second Garner’s findings..

  1. Software organizations acknowledge & act on the gaps

Most of software organizations not only realize that there are gaps in the organizations, but also started initiatives to bridge those gaps. They started assessing their scenarios and coming up with their own tailor-made solutions or reaching out to a partner who can do this for them – which includes setting up new process to improve their situation and enabling agile engineering.

  1.  Automation domination & allocated budget

There is a major shift towards automating everything and a tremendous support from management to do so. Organizations started seeing the drawbacks of manual tasks people doing day-in & day-out , how it is affecting productivity and how it is holding back the business from delivering. Some organizations are creating a separate “Automation & Tools Team” to achieve that.

  1. Business interests in standardizing process & unifying tool-sets

More  and more businesses show traction towards setting up a standard process right from checking the code till it goes to production. Also there is a huge interest in unifying their tool sets and stitching a tool chain to have the seamless flow. A strong opensource devops ecosystem make this easier. Again, this might not be explicitly called as devops initiative though it aims at continuous delivery.

  1. Support and Driven by both Bottom-up & Top-Down

In any organization, most of the time initiatives will be driven either  in a top-down or a bottom-up approach and results are achieved based on its reception & support by the other. Devops  approach creates interest across different roles in organization,  in most of the cases get a support from both of them and the hence adoption is more since it is initiated and driven by both.

  1. Business transitions to Cloud

As more and more business transition into cloud, they are looking to adopt the devops life cycle experiencing the agility & efficiency provided by cloud providers. As a first step, business is identifying and prioritizing to adopt devops in one specific area of its life cycle and then set the road map to expand later according to their needs.

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