Arsalaan Kashif

About: Arsalaan Kashif

Arsalaan Kashif is the Global Marketing Head for Product Engineering Services at Happiest Minds and has a keen interest in all emerging areas of technology and innovation. Having worked with Unisys, Oracle and HCL Technologies for over a decade he has experience with taking to market products and services across areas as diverse as Application Services, Cloud Computing, DevOps and Big Data Analytics to name a few. Outside of work, Arsalaan enjoys watching noir films and reading John Irving classics.

  • A Ferrari, three blind men and DevOps

    A Ferrari, three blind men and DevOps

    By On 30 Nov 2016

    In a rapidly evolving digital world, businesses are moving at breakneck speeds and one upping each other to achieve the unicorn of customer delight. For a number of organizations, a large part of that equation boils down to accelerating the...


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