Huzefa Saifee

About: Huzefa Saifee

is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Digital Business Services and also heads the IoT CoE at Happiest Minds. He has over 24 years of extensive technical and management experience. His expertise and interest lies in building niche global technology products across multiple areas like Multimedia and Communication technologies, Broadband modem, Set-top Box, Triple play Gateway, IoT, Complex Hardware and Portable components across multiple platforms, etc.

  • The key trends for IoT in 2022

    The key trends for IoT in 2022

    By On 2 Mar 2022

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that portrays the increasingly sophisticated ecosystems of online, connected devices we share our world with. The somewhat odd name alludes to the fact that the first iteration of the internet was simply...

    AI Blockchain Digital IoT

  • 5 Tech Trends making our lives easier during COVID

    5 Tech Trends making our lives easier during COVID

    By On 25 Aug 2020

    Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic has fast forwarded some of the key technology trends, including digital payments, telehealth etc. These technologies can help reduce the spread of COVID-19 while making sure that the businesses stay open. Technology can help make society...

    Technology Trends

  • Top IoT Trends to Watch in 2020

    Top IoT Trends to Watch in 2020

    By On 28 Feb 2020

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has been at work, actively changing the landscape in both worlds—industrial and consumer. Organizations that started testing the waters with working prototypes during the last few years have realized that leveraging IoT in initiatives will...


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