About: Ritesh Gupta

is the VP & CTO of Product Engineering Services at Happiest Minds Technologies Limited. He is responsible for defining the technology direction for the product engineering business and working closely with practice heads in creating robust offerings that resonate with the market.

He also plays an instrumental role in defining the product roadmaps of our customers by helping them leverage disruptive tech to build products and solutions that are primed for the future.

In a career spanning almost 23 years, Ritesh has worked extensively on platform engineering across several industries and remains passionate about leveraging technology to create measurable business value. He has a keen interest in technologies like machine learning, cloud computing, satellite communications, computer vision, robotics, and drones. He considers himself a technologist at heart and still returns to coding when his schedule allows it.

Prior to Happiest Minds, Ritesh has worked with companies like Mindtree, ARI and Quark Media House. Although he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce with an honours in accountancy, “coding” still remains his true love.

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