About: Ritesh Alur

has 17+ years of experience in Cloud, Database & Middleware technologies and is experienced in designing highly scalable, cost-optimized, and reliable cloud solutions. He is an expert in Cloud Transformations, Migrations, and Operations and has successfully managed large-scale consulting, transformation. He has also managed services engagements globally by leveraging in-house capabilities, accelerators, and frameworks and has supported the business unit in delivering high business growth through continuous improvements, customer delight, and employee satisfaction.

  • Building a Data-Driven Culture with DataOps

    Building a Data-Driven Culture with DataOps

    By On 4 Dec 2023

    In today's data-driven world, organizations increasingly recognize the value of leveraging data to gain insights, make informed decisions, and drive innovation. However, transforming into a truly data-driven organization requires more than just collecting and analyzing data, it also requires a...


  • FinOps Culture for Cloud Cost Optimization

    FinOps Culture for Cloud Cost Optimization

    By On 25 Jan 2023

    Today, organizations have the experience of migrating and managing the cloud. With a significant number of workloads migrated, organizations now have the necessary cloud skills to address them with the best cloud security practices and an inbuilt cloud computing operating...

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