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  • Case Management in Insurance

    Case Management in Insurance

    By On 11 Nov 2013

    Case management as a field is getting more and more eyeballs ever since people realized the kind of efficiency gains it can provide in the unstructured space. One of the biggest success stories for case management has been in the...


  • Scrum in 2 minutes

    Scrum in 2 minutes

    By On 20 Sep 2013

    We are starting on the agile journey. One of my senior colleagues Rajesh R Kumar provided an overview on using the scrum methodology for agile development to get us stated. I’m sharing my learning from the session in this blog....


  • Top 6 Technology Trends in Banking

    Top 6 Technology Trends in Banking

    By On 20 Jun 2013

    The trends listed below are identified from a short to medium term perspective. We also try to identify the key drivers for some of these trends i.e. whether they are demand driven (consumer needs) or regulatory compulsions or just proactive...

    Banking Digital Transformation

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