Patient Experience is key to Customer Delight and Retention in the Healthcare Industry

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Patient Experience Management is not just about the In-hospital experience, but research says that two-third of an individual’s interaction with a healthcare provider is as a customer pre and post treatment. Only a third of their experience is as a patient during treatment and during the hospital stay. External Data like Brand Reputation, Sentiments, etc. would play an important role as much as the knowledge of the customer from the internal patient demography, patient treatment progress notes, billing information, etc.

While the in-hospital experience like waiting time, nursing care, choice of food, cleanliness and even parking, etc. is core to the patient experience, the Provider Selection is subject to Awareness (Diagnosis, Doctors as Key Opinion Leaders), Access (Choice of Healthcare Provider based on vicinity, Insurance Coverage, Channels of reach, knowledge of availability of referenced doctors, treatment etc.) and Transitions (Communication with referring physician, follow-up visits, Call backs for assistance, wellness services, etc.) are critical elements apart from online buzz and sentiments that provide users with good reference during online search.

People often choose their care providers after a lot of due diligence and influence by various stakeholders including referrals from professional as well as personal circles.

Major Hospitals have already embarked on Digital Transformation journey including real-time Patient Health Monitoring and Measuring Patient Experience including waiting period monitoring using Wearables like RF-ID wristbands, introductions of kiosks and mobile apps for self service including doctor appointment booking, billing (optimized using simulation), choices in cuisines based of personalized diet recommendations and allergies, etc.

Cloud based Big Data Analytics Patient Experience Management platform can help Providers better understand the actual patient experience, the key driving factors for enriching the same and enable custom offerings and campaigns to the target patient groups for optimal reach and response with the overall aim to enhance the patient experience and satisfaction, at a fraction of a cost of in house development.

With targeted treatment via integration of Genomic and Clinical Data using Big Data, Stem Cell Therapy and Regeneration, 3 D printing of body parts and organs, and successful robotic surgeries managed remotely becoming more of a reality than a concept that was being brainstormed a few decades ago, it is just a matter of time that Artificial Intelligence powered Healthcare Care Self Service Solutions and Applications would evolve to enrich Patient Experience Management and even larger causes like helping fight and control any disease outbreaks on a mass scale and perhaps become the corner stone for humankind’s progress towards immortality !

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