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With the advent of OTT platforms and the ubiquity of hand-held devices of different shapes and sizes, the lines between traditional and new age media platforms have blurred significantly. As a result, there is greater competition than ever before to attract and retain eyeballs across various modes of entertainment. Everyone is looking to acquire more users, whether it be in streaming, broadcasting, podcasting or video gaming. In this rapidly changing landscape, it is imperative to be agile and constantly adapt to changing consumer needs – hence, companies are leveraging digital technologies like AI, ML, AR and VR to understand their users better, provide personalized and immersive experiences with multiple options and create greater stickiness.

Happiest Minds with its digital DNA has helped several media and entertainment companies build next generation products, platforms and digital systems that are driving transformative change. With our proven track record and our strong understanding of disruptive technologies, we can be the engineering partner that helps you in creating digital first and future ready solutions that place the customer at the heart of connected experiences.



OTT and Broadcasting

Traditional broadcasting has been undergoing a direct-to-consumer transformation for years which has accelerated in the last year due to the unforeseen COVID-19 pandemic. In this hyper competitive marketplace that is inundated with new users across a wide range of demographics, media companies are in a race to acquire more customers and build greater customer stickiness.

We help you with –

  • OTT apps and platforms.
  • AVOD – Free Ad supported Video and Ad- Supported subscription tiers.
  • Scheduling Optimization.
  • Data Platforms.
Immersive Experiences

With the increase in online channels for content consumption, consumers need to be provided with a 360-degree experience incorporating multiple channels of interaction. We can help you enable –

  • Mobile apps and in-content interactivity.
  • VR – watch parties and shared experiences.
  • Second screen experiences and other interactive elements.
User Engagement

As the popularity and adoption of OTA increases among consumers, one of the challenges is to build consumer loyalty given the plethora of options available. We help media companies build solutions which help in fostering continuous and personalized engagement with users. We do this by helping you create –

  • Original and Personalized Content
    1. Content Convergence and remixing experiences.
    2. Intelligent Content Creation – Create customer centric content based on consumption data.
    3. User generated and Micro Content.
  • Personalized Marketing – Targeted Ads and Dynamic Insertions.
  • Curated Recommendation – Discovery and marketing of content based on AI.
Sports Tech

The sports industry is seeing massive shifts in the way it uses digital tech not just to engage with fans but also in the way players performance is analyzed and teams are picked throughout the season. We help broadcasting companies, sports leagues, and franchises with – 

  • Fan engagement & Loyalty Programs.
  • Insights driven Content Personalization.
  • Smart Stadiums & Experience Management.
  • In-game Analytics and Interaction.
  • Player and Team Performance Management.
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