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Enterprises today, need immediate, easy and secure access to information anytime, anywhere; but with effective measures of control over access and protection from threats. They also have the mandate to abide by several governments and industry specific regulations. With path-breaking advancements in technology such as M2M communication, BYOD, Internet of Things – on one side productivity has grown manifold, on the other, it has exposed organizations to innumerable threats and vulnerabilities both external and internal. Moreover, during a regulatory audit, often organizations opt for manual or semi-automated methods that are prone to errors and could run the risk of a failed audit.

In the face of this constant IT landscape transformation, Identity and Access Management services have become an important part of IT planning and strategy. Businesses need to protect their valuable assets and as threats continue to evolve, Identity and Access Management services also need to be in place to prevent such malicious attacks. With the right Access Management services, IT can authorize access and grant the necessary privileges to both internal and external stakeholders. With Happiest Minds, these obstacles are overcome with an up-to-date platform comprising of effective and reliable Identity and Access Management services.



  • Reliance on manual processes for IAM is costly, inefficient with inconsistent and unpredictable outcomes
  • Ineffective processes, lack of collaboration, unreliable user data exposes to compliance and operational risks
  • Lack of flexible and continuous validation of user access and remediation
  • Extended enterprises with SaaS adoption requires that users have right access to information anytime from anywhere

IAM Service Offerings

Transformation Services

Happiest Minds provides a ready to use, integrated, secure, end-to-end IAG offering including Identity Management, Access Management, Entitlement Management, Federation and SSO; built on leading Identity and Access Governance products using industry standards & best practices with configurable modules. Happiest Minds solution accelerators along with an experienced team that has implemented several large IAM projects, enable customers to rollout IAM solutions with optimized time and cost. These services also include Advisory, implementation and support services for Identity Governance, Access Management, Privileged Access Management and Consumer IDAM.

  • Identity Governance: Manage Identity Lifecycles, Manage Access Request Workflows, Automated Provisioning, User provisioning/de-provisioning, Role-based Access Control (RBAC)(Role Management), Policy Enforcement, Automated access certification and remediation, Segregation of Duties, Password Self-service, Comprehensive Reporting, Account administration, Credentials Administration, Device Provisioning
  • Access Management: Web Single-Sign-On, ESSO, Federation, Risk-based authentication, Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), Context based Authentication & Authorization and Manage Entitlements
  • Privileged Access Management: Privileged Account Discovery, Privileged Password Management (PPM), Endpoint Privilege management (EPM), Privileged Session Management, Embedded Credential Management, Least Privilege Management, Emergency Access & Break Glass procedures, Real-time Auditing and Monitoring
  • Consumer IDAM: Customer registration, Self Service Account Management, Self Service Account management, Profile Management, Consent & Preference Management and Directory Services
Productised Services

IdentityVigil: A ready to use, integrated, secure, end-to-end Identity and Access Governance (IAG) solution that includes Identity Management, Access Management, Entitlement Management, Federation and SSO. It is built on leading Access Governance and IAM products using industry standard & best practices with configurable modules. Identity Assure is available as a virtual appliance that can be deployed as On-Premise or Cloud hosted service connecting Enterprise and in-the Cloud applications.

Features include:

JML Process Automation

  • On-boarding, Off-boarding, Update Termination, Rehire, Transfer
  • Processes pre-configured into solution
  • Certification / Attestation processes

Provisioning & Single Sign On

  • Automated Role-based provisioning to wide variety application and platforms
  • Ease of integration and unique model for large number of platform instances
  • Federated SSO across SAML, OAuth, and OpenID Connect. Supported single sign on industry-standard protocols like SAML, OAuth, Open ID Connect, Integrated Windows Authentication and Kerberos Support, API Connector for Non-SAML Applications

Resource Access Request

  • Ease of use, self-service resource request
  • Support for IT, Non-IT resources
  • Configurable approval/delegationUnified request tracking

Self Service

  • Self-Registration
  • Unique kiosk based password reset
  • Configurable Profile Management
  • Change Password/Set security Q&A
  • Helpdesk Password Reset/unlock account
  • Smart Phone enabled User Interface

Continuous Compliance

  • Attestation/Recertification
  • Reports for various compliance needs
  • Identity Intelligence
  • Role Management

Privileged User Management

  • Unique Privileged User Password Management feature to manage on demand access to Privileged accounts
Managed Services

IAM has become a critical business application for the management of the user lifecycle, auditing, regulatory compliance and delivering an enhanced user experience. Managing IAM environment in the most cost effective way is critical. Managed IAM Service has been designed by Happiest Minds to meet the needs of businesses facing the challenge of effectively managing the ever-changing and often complex IAM landscape. The service provides a practical and sustainable way of maintaining, supporting and meeting the demands of managing identity management services across your business. Other than providing 24/7 support (dedicated and shared) for various Identity and Access Management solutions, Happiest Minds offers Identity-as-a-Service by leveraging our own IP solution: Identity Vigil.

  • Cloud Identity & Access Governance
  • Deployed, managed and hosted by Happiest Minds
  • Cost Effective Pay-as-you-Go pricing model
  • SaaS (Identity as a service is a type of SaaS)
PAMaaS Service

Happiest Minds Privileged Access Management as a Service (PAMaaS) – powered by CyberArk provides organizations with one stop solution to address their privilege account management requirements end to end. Our PAMaaS suite leverages strong security controls provided by CyberArk and presents our customers with flexible deployment options, lower TCO, faster ROI, easier adoption of industry best practices and is heralded by certified professionals and Cybersecurity leaders.

All in one pricing

  • End-to-End Accountability
  • Product Licensing
  • Strategic Planning and Solution Design
  • Deployment and Maintenance
  • Robust Governance Framework and Clear Communication

Design, Implement & Integrate

  • Built-in Redundancy with High Availability and Disaster Recovery on Distributed geo-locations
  • Multiple Deployment methodology – SaaS, Cloud, or On-Premises
  • Highly Scalable and Extendable Design Approach for Agility

Operate & Support

  • Virtual CTO Consulting for PAM Advisory and Best Practice Recommendation
  • Certified Consultants with Referenceable Credentials and Domain Expertise
  • Flexible BAU Support Options:
  • 8X5; 24X7; 24X5
  • On call support
  • L1/L2; L3 only or L1/L2/L3 support


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