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Education has become increasingly digital as the learning ecosystem has changed more in the last ten years than in the several decades prior. This change is being driven by the emergence of digital technologies, proliferation of mobile devices and the emergence of a robust and always connected infrastructure. Also, new-age learners have now come to expect increasingly personalized, engaging, and interactive learning models that facilitate anytime, anywhere learning.

As a result, many traditional publishing companies have reinvented themselves as digital first entities to meet the widespread acceptance of flipped classes as a learning model across K12, HiED and professional education. This transformation has been even more evident among learning solutions providers focused on providing professional and vocational learning courses.

While technology has been a game changer in education, a lot of its impact was initially restricted to asynchronous learning models. However, this is changing with synchronous learning models also embracing disruptive technologies to facilitate improved learning. With advanced analytics, live streaming and AR-VR, EdTech is all set to enhance the quality of education while adopting new learning models and delivery mechanisms.


Digital Learning

Happiest Minds provides scalable and rapid technology solutions that help in bettering learner outcomes by providing technology solutions to build digital courseware. We provide –

  • Design and Development of learning widgets, visual tools and adaptive navigation solutions.
  • Build custom e-readers, video/audio players and variety of assessment widgets to support learning outcomes.
  • Engineer content delivery platforms – content that is mobile or device optimized, low bandwidth, offline and accessible.
  • Integrate immersive learning enabled through AR-VR and game-based learning.
  • Design frameworks, templates, built-ins and themes to enable rapid course development and WYSIWYG learning content.
  • Enable high level of interoperability by aligning to LTI, QTI, Caliper, Scorm, xAPI, cmi5 or other standards.
  • Support different learning models based on assessment, content, competency, simulation or practical case studies.
Learning Platform

Happiest Minds provides the building blocks to assemble an end-to-end learning platform and transform learning practices to address the challenges of nurturing, recruiting, engaging, and impacting learner success. We provide the capability to –  

  • Build next generation learning environments that focus on in-class, blended and hybrid learning.
  • Integrate and build end-to-end solutions spanning across course storefront, CRM, teaching and learning, payment, assessment, and credentials.
  • Modernize learning platforms to enable content, learning, assessments, and credentials as micro services.
  • Build micro front-ending learning applications to easily upgrade, scale, integrate and monetize.
  • Transcend learning platforms to enable micro-learning and optimize flow-of-the-work learning.
Big Data for Education

The education industry is often characterized as being data rich but information poor. To address this challenge, Happiest Minds provides a complete package that knits together all the required technology pieces such as infrastructure, analytics modules, and visualization elements. When combined with predictive and adaptive services, EdTech companies and institutions can collate meaningful data, derive intelligence and initiate timely and informed actions. We offer –

  • Big data development and implementation services along with batch and real-time analytics services.
  • Content instrumentation services that track meta data, learner activities and usage statistics.
  • Learner user behavior tracking.
  • Adaptive and predictive analytics for learner performance, retention, and engagement.
  • Descriptive, predictive and diagnostic data visualization services for instructors, students, and institutions.
AI-enabled Learning

The education delivery lifecycle is constantly evolving and is now centered around incorporating personalization at each step of the way. Advanced analytics and AI can have a massive impact with identifying the right students, curating content for the curriculum, enhancing teaching and learning and improving learning engagement. Happiest mind provides comprehensive technology services supporting advanced analytics and AI in the learning space across –  

  • Automated content curation to support alignment of content to curriculum.
  • Adaptive learning engines to align learning to pace, preference and the learning models suited to a learner.
  • Virtual tutoring and conversational EdTech solutions implemented through chatbots and voice-based solutions.
  • Solutions to improve learner engagement by generating guided learning paths, byte sized micro-learning content and automated short answer grading solutions.
Learning Credentials and Integrity

While assessments and certifications remain a critical part of learner credentials, assessments lead pedagogy is a predominantly practiced model for differentiated learning. Hence, it is important to constantly look for innovative ways to weave in assessment as part of the learning process. Credentials are not just a measure of the knowledge or expertise of learners but they also play an important role in horizontal and vertical mobility of learners across the value chain. At Happiest Minds we provide –

  • Platforms to manage questions banks, item generation and focused reviews.
  • Integration of adaptive assessments.
  • Solutions for pre, in-process and post examination platforms.
  • Solutions for course and transfer equivalency.
  • AI enabled proctoring solutions.
  • Digital credentialing for fault proof, verifiable and sharable credentials.
Digital Campus

In this digital era, most students entering the learning ecosystem are digital natives and the majority of instructors or administrative staff are quite savvy as well with digital platforms and tools.

As a result, digital campus solutions need to be process oriented, automation driven and powered by new-age interfaces. Happiest Minds is enabling this change by providing a digital campus experience to its constituents. We offer –

  • Institution wide integration and workflow automation.
  • Enriching institution wide information through data warehouse, portals and embedded analytics solutions.
  • Existing systems application enhancement, modernization and productization.
  • Platform for bettering prospective learner, student, and instructor experience.
  • Degree planning and learning paths.
  • Security services, safe campus, threat management and campus wide networking solutions.



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