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Generative AI is becoming increasingly essential in today’s digital age due to its significant impact on business operations. It revolutionizes how organizations access information, drive innovation, enhance efficiency, and facilitate reasoning and problem-solving. Happiest Minds is at the forefront of harnessing this transformative technology, empowering companies to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

With our consulting, R&D, and testing capabilities, we assist in crafting a tailored roadmap for seamless technology integration, aligning with your specific objectives. We partner with you as your innovation enabler, aiding you to harness Generative AI to achieve quantifiable business goals.

Happiest Minds, as a technology partner, will help you create Generative AI-based solutions at various levels,


  • For selective Process Automation, optimizing workflows for increased efficiency.
  • To enhance existing solutions through additional features built on top of the existing systems.
  • To engineer and implement completely new Generative AI-based solutions unique to your specific business challenges.

Our Suite of Offerings enables businesses to harness the full potential of Generative AI.

  • Consulting: Our consulting services are designed to guide our clients on their journey with Generative AI. We assist in setting up a Center of Excellence (CoE) for Generative AI, empowering organizations to become leaders in AI innovation with the right governance and structure. Additionally, we collaborate to define a comprehensive solution roadmap, ensuring that Generative AI addition aligns with our clients’ specific objectives and business strategies.
  • Engineering: We extend our expertise through dedicated R&D teams. These teams are specialized in co-engineering, developing, and customizing Generative AI solutions tailored to your specific business requirements. Partnering with us, you gain access to an extensive pool of experienced engineers who can seamlessly add and integrate Generative AI into your products and solutions.
  • Testing: We offer testing services that cover model and quality testing using automation to ensure that Generative AI models are accurate and dependable. Security testing is an integral part of our services, ensuring the utmost protection for your solutions against potential threats.
  • Infrastructure Management & Support: We provide full infrastructure management and support services, making sure your Generative AI systems run smoothly. Our experts oversee all aspects of the infrastructure, from provisioning and scaling to maintenance, allowing you to focus on your core business while we handle the technical complexities.

Our unique strength lies in blending content, data, and AI to architect solutions that resonate with today’s dynamic business landscape. By leveraging our profound domain knowledge, we ensure seamless delivery and top-tier results.

Partner with us, and experience the future of Generative AI-driven transformations.

Our Generative AI value chain is a collection of essential components that work together to unlock the full potential of this transformative technology.

1. Services: At Happiest Minds, we offer services that bring together AI applications and human expertise, as per your organization’s objectives and quality standards. We oversee, monitor, and fine-tune the solutions implemented, leveraging Generative AI capabilities to create scalable technology that helps you deliver business goals.

2. AI Applications: We develop practical tools for specific purposes at Happiest Minds. These applications, driven by Generative AI models, solve real-world problems, improve user experiences, and automate tasks across different domains.

3. Custom Models: We create customized models tailored to your needs. These models enable generating content, automating processes, or making predictions as per the unique requirements of individual organizations and industries, ensuring precision and relevance.



Happiest Minds, with its cutting-edge Generative AI capabilities, is helping our EdTech customers transform their business across areas like assessment, tutoring and content generation. We are helping our customers ensure content and course accuracy, relevance, personalization, student engagement, content curation, summarization, assessment grading, and course mapping. With these capabilities, we empower EdTech providers to offer more effective and tailored educational experiences.

Assessment Validation and Generation

Generate question items and question types tailored to specific content, produce multiple variations of a single question, improve questions created by humans through evaluation, and identify and classify similar assessment items for more comprehensive testing.

Micro-Learning Content Generation

Create bite-sized learning modules based on existing content and generate concise content, such as examples, analogies, and assessments, and seamlessly curate external resources to enhance micro-learning material. Users can effortlessly search for and access micro-learning content, while the implementation of spaced repetition ensures effective spaced retention.

Virtual Tutor

Virtual Tutor is designed to provide real-time feedback, helping learners enhance their writing skills. Curate a diverse range of learning resources to cater to various preferences. Support non-linear, self-directed exploration of topics and derive personalized study plans to meet individual learning goals.

Retail & CPG

Happiest Minds’ Generative AI capabilities are set to make a substantial impact on the Retail & CPG sector across a spectrum of critical functions. We are helping our customers from product ideation and design to marketing, advertising, and brand perception; our AI-driven solutions are designed to drive innovation. We also specialize in optimizing customer and B2B buyer experiences and streamlining retail and online store management along with supply chain management and tracking, demand forecasting, and warehouse management.

Retailer Cart Enhancement

We focus on boosting retailers’ sales by strategically upselling and cross-selling to increase the size of customers’ shopping baskets. We recommend the most suitable products, utilizing a contextual, menu-based, or promo-based approach. We also employ ingredient-based menu matching and suggestively prompt customers using text and messages to encourage additional purchases, thus allowing them to take advantage of attractive deals.

Sales Launch Collaterals

We streamline the process of launching campaigns across diverse markets and regions. Through templatization, it ensures efficient translations and incorporates geo-relevant information while enabling the creation of FAQs. Once the master collateral is established, Generative AI simplifies the translation process and adds customizable content through text translation and speech conversion.

Retail Customer Service

We prioritize customer retention through service management by employing rule-based and Generative AI-driven customer complaint management, utilizing summarization and text content generation. When a consumer complaint is received, the tool efficiently classifies the issue, summarizes it, triggers actions for the relevant team, and even curates a response email, ensuring swift and effective resolution of customer concerns.

Media and Entertainment

With its singular focus on Generative AI, Happiest Minds has been instrumental in helping a multitude of media and entertainment firms create state-of-the-art digital ecosystems that include OTT, entertainment parks, gaming, sports, and sports sponsorship. We have led industry-wide changes that are revolutionary for our clients thanks to these breakthroughs.

Content Localization and Translation

By fluidly transferring text between languages, Generative AI may be used to automate the localization and translation of material, assuring accurate translations for improved accuracy. We also help with the transcription of movies, translations into many languages, and language correction services, which help fix grammatical, syntactic, and stylistic errors in translated or multilingual content.

Audio Enhancement and Correction

Amongst the many features we offer is Speech-to-Text Conversion, which makes it possible to translate spoken words into text to create subtitles and transcripts automatically. In addition, we are excellent at audio denoising, which removes background noise to improve the clarity of the music. Furthermore, we can create realistic synthetic voices and use generative models to replicate particular voices or accents, thanks to our voice cloning and synthesis capabilities.

Advanced Deepfake Detection

Our Deepfake Detection solution is specifically engineered to analyze patterns and abnormalities in video content to detect indications of deepfake manipulation. We carefully examine facial expressions, speech patterns, and differences in both visual and audio cues to detect any fraudulent modifications. Our approach to continuous learning, which uses a large dataset of real content to improve our detection skills continuously, is what makes us unique.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Generative AI is experiencing a surge in popularity within the manufacturing & industrial sectors and Happiest Minds is at the forefront of this transformation, leveraging our generative capabilities to drive innovation in areas critical to the industry. From optimizing product development processes, enhancing supply chain efficiency, and cost management to prioritizing worker safety and ergonomics, promoting sustainability, and ensuring rigorous quality control, we are empowering manufacturers to unlock new levels of productivity and sustainability.

Field Technician Support

Empower field technicians with enhanced and streamlined experience. We enable technicians to interact through voice and text, allowing them to ask questions and receive precise responses while leveraging product, process, and maintenance documents. This efficient communication approach ensures that field technicians can quickly access the information they need.

Product Guide/Recommendation

Enhance the customer experience with Generative AI. When customers contact a Customer Service Representative (CSR) with product specification queries, the ‘Gen AI-Based Intelligent Product Guide’ swiftly provides detailed information, from various products. Additionally, the ‘Gen AI-Based Product Finder’ enables easy product searching, guiding customers to the right specifications, and recommending related products.

Contract/Supplier Use Cases

Simplify and enhance collaboration across product development and quality assurance units. We compile data from supplier specifications to Bill of Materials (BOM) and validation plan documents, fostering seamless cooperation. Additionally, we facilitate supplier risk assessment and scoring, along with supplier performance analysis. Automate contract generation using customizable templates along with creation of regulatory compliance documents.


Happiest Minds is equipped with robust Generative AI capabilities to provide valuable support to the hi-tech sector across various facets such as Networking – Field Service, Customer Support, Product Strategy, User Experience & Design, Product Promotion & Marketing, Product Quality & Security, and Customer Support & Feedback. We help our Hitech customers leverage Generative AI to achieve greater competitiveness and excellence in this rapidly evolving industry. Key areas we can help with: –

Field Service Operations in Networking and Telecom

  • Create a Virtual Assistant designed to streamline repair and maintenance tasks, significantly enhancing their efficiency.
  • Guided Task execution – When a task is assigned to a technician, it offers a detailed list of required tools and resources, mapping them to the available inventory, ensuring smooth execution. Moreover, it provides step-by-step guidance to complete tasks, eliminating guesswork and reducing errors.
  • Simplify training processes by creating comprehensive training materials.
  • Analyze network test failures, offering actionable insights and potential solutions.

Customer Support for Software and Hardware Product OEMs

  • Enable self-service modules that empower users to troubleshoot and resolve common issues independently, promoting a smoother customer experience.
  • Provide explanations at varying levels of complexity, allowing for tailored issue-resolution to cater to users with diverse levels of expertise.
  • Streamline training by generating training materials.
  • On-the-job training through Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • Log analytics with automated responses, such as identifying configuration changes to resolve issues swiftly.

Product Security

  • A comprehensive security analysis for SOC operators, enabling them to correlate inputs from multiple security products, assess impacts, and identify potential resolutions to security incidents.
  • Automates compliance analysis and empowers organizations to create and enforce security policies, providing better controls to proactively mitigate risks and protect from evolving threats.


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