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Engineering excellence to help our customers build next-generation products and platforms.

At Happiest Minds, we use our engineering pedigree and vibrant product innovation culture to help you build products and experiences that connect with your customers

Product Engineering Services

As traditional businesses continue to be disrupted by digital forces, it is very important to imagine new ways of connecting with a customer by placing them at the center of a digital business model. The ubiquity of smart devices and the ease of building scalable businesses has afforded several opportunities to reimagine existing businesses while also creating entirely new segments. However, technology innovation and a strong engineering culture are key to capitalizing on these opportunities and building sustainable transformation.

Happiest Minds has used its deep engineering expertise to help companies across several industries transform their own products or do the same for their customers. There are three foundational elements that have underpinned our approach:

Engineering DNA – at the very core of it, developing products and platforms is a unique proposition as there are several variables including those of unprecedented scale and an unknown user base. The need of the hour is an engineering mindset combined with a strong leadership team – something that is inherent to Happiest Minds. With a sharp focus on technical management we have been at the forefront of embracing distributed agile, DevOps and CloudOps and have helped our clients build sustainable momentum in today’s hyper-competitive marketspace.

Integrated Disruptive Technologies – a truly successful transformation requires using disruptive technologies to create solutions for tomorrow’s problems. We have expertise across the entire spectrum of disruptive technologies including but not limited to Mobility, AI, Analytics, IoT, SDN and Security. This helps us in offering a holistic value proposition where the integration of these technologies ensures the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In addition, we have also put in significant time and effort in identifying and building capabilities around innovation triggers that are likely to bring about a paradigm shift in the businesses of our clients.

Digital Transformation – achieving true digital transformation requires placing customer experience at the core of what you do. Our rich experience in mobility, analytics and IoT allow us to combine machine generated data with human insights to help you develop products and experiences that reengineer your business fluidity and resonate with your customers.

With our rich engineering pedigree and a product innovation culture, we can help you in achieving sustainable digital transformation. While our engineering capabilities help you accelerate your time to market and create cost efficiencies, our innovation centricity enables you to build products and solutions that are primed to meet the needs of the future.


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