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The technology landscape is undergoing a paradigm shift and the last couple of years have seen ‘Digital Transformation’ take center stage with several disruptive technologies coming to the fore. These technologies are driving the emergence of a new economy with unparalleled access to information and the ability to monetize every step of the value chain.

While enterprises clearly need to embrace these changes to sustain their competitive advantage, small and medium sized businesses have lead the way by making creative use of disruptive technologies to provide flexibility and scale – the driving forces of a successful modern-day business.

With the advent of Microservices, Artificial Intelligence and the often talked about API economy, Java and Open Source technologies are more important than ever before.

We at Happiest Minds provide Java and Open Source offerings that help our clients to stay current with the ever-changing technology landscape. We work collaboratively in providing solutions that that are feature rich, scalable and inclusive and are primed to drive business value while creating new business opportunities.


Consulting services

With so many technologies and options available, it is important to invest in technologies that are tied into your business needs, while staying on an identified product roadmap to create measurable competitive differentiation.

Happiest Minds provides technology consulting services to choose the right technology which is optimal for business, productivity and performance.  We offer consulting services in the following areas –

  • Technology evaluation and selection
  • API Strategy
  • Bigdata strategy
  • Platform re-engineering approaches
Design and Architecture Services

Happiest Minds has extensive experience in combining our rich engineering pedigree with a strong domain focus to work with a plethora of challenging solutions. We have been the chosen technology partner with many of our customers in applying the latest technologies from the Java and open source world. In addition, we have also partnered with select start-ups to create niche solutions by offering our design and architectural services to match their roadmap and help realize their vision. 

We provide Design & Architecture services in the following areas –

  • Platform re-engineering
  • IoT solutions
  • Multitenant Multi-layered Solutions (SaaS)
  • Cloud ready architecture
  • API Infrastructure and Microservices
  • Mobile enablement and mobile ready solutions
Engineering Services

While we offer our Consulting and Architecture services to our customers, we also work with distributed engineering teams at the customer’s end to integrate processes and best practices and work collaboratively as a single team that can deliver measurable business value. Keeping pace with ever changing digital technology landscape, we have helped our clients engineer world class products across domains like Education, Healthcare, Supply-chain, Loyalty, Software Defined Networks, Media and Entertainment to name just a few.

Happiest Minds provides engineering services in Java and Open Source technologies across:

  • Latest UI technologies
  • SaaS
  • Mobile Backend services
  • SOA
  • Microservices and Web services
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