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With the shared services and business process outsourcing industry maturing, clients are demanding price cuts, increased operational efficiency and higher transactional volumes. Service providers in turn are resorting to price wars by forgoing their own margins. These conflicting requirements of increased efficiency and reduced costs are together fostering the shift towards robotic process automation.

Happiest Minds Robotic Process Automation as a Service is designed to help organizations integrate RPA with technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and knowledge based systems to drive enterprise-wide transformation. Our end to end RPA services enable our clients to understand current automation levels and discover opportunities for reducing operational cost. We empower organizations to:

  • Select most appropriate RPA operating & governance model, change management plan, and deployment strategy.
  • Assess and prioritize automation opportunities and channel efforts according to current automation rates, transactional volume, and ease of implementation.
  • Build business case and verify its value during a first RPA pilot to secure management buy-in and align key stakeholders.
  • Implement and develop services to create simple screen automation as well as cognitive robots.

Our highly skilled RPA experts will work along with your business and IT teams to continuously identify processes ripe for automation, select RPA technology suitable for your processes, develop automation workflows and help sustain robot workforce.

At Happiest Minds we work with companies of all sizes to create digital workforce that are reliable, secure, and scalable. If you just want to start your RPA journey or if you have already deployed RPA and want to start intelligent automation, our experts can help you.


IT Process Automation

Improve accuracy and consistency of IT processes while saving time and cost. 

  • IT Operations Management
    • Automate repetitive and routine IT tasks to reduce downtime and improve incident management process.
  • IT Services Management
    • Automate L1 and L2 support services that handled repetitive, manual processes.
  • Security Operations Center
    • Automatically detect security threats across enterprise systems, send alerts, eliminate potential risks, and test security systems periodically to ensure they actually work and stay up to date.
    • Automate repetitive control activities and ensure controls are consistent across systems for easier audits and lesser findings.
Business Process Automation

Scale your business to grow and enhance customer service without deploying any additional resources.

  • Human Resource
    • New employee on boarding and off-boarding process
    • Process candidate notifications pertaining to interviews, selections and feedback
    • Streamline data across disparate systems for consolidating information from upstream to downstream systems
    • Relationship management
    • Employee account management
    • Role based access management
  • Finance and Accounting
    • Payment Processing- source to pay process
    • Fund accounting and management
    • Credit operations
  • Insurance
    • Claims processing
    • Corporate reporting
    • Transaction processing
    • Underwriting systems
    • Insurance product management
  • Customer Experience Management
    • 360-degree customer engagement
    • Customer data management and insight discovery
Proof of Concept

Explore new sources of value creation and prove the ROI of RPA implementation with a POC project.


POC Selection

Process Reengineering

Development and Testing


  • Determine complexity
  • Estimate business value impact
  • Interview stakeholders
  • Evaluate process efficiency
  • Install RPA platform
  • Develop automation solution


1-2 days

2 days

5-7 days

Stakeholders Involved

Business SME, RPA expert

Business SME, RPA expert



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