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Developer Engagement Platform (DEP)

The Developer Engagement Platform is an innovative solution from Happiest Minds that gives API providers a method to socialize APIs, educate, communicate and contribute with the developer community innovatively. This solution enables them to build an engaging developer community with faster user adoption fostering learning, development, and collaboration.


With more and more organizations exposing services through APIs, the real challenge remains with enabling the developers to quickly understand and learn the APIs. Quicker learning and understanding of the APIs will enable developers to leverage the services and functionalities. The sooner the learning process, the better it is for the company and the developers. An API provider, therefore, needs a platform that makes APIs available to developers and provides a medium for them to learn, and develop applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Intuitive API testing console for REST APIs
  • API Key management
  • Track API usage
  • Easy integration with API management platform
  • Showcase applications
  • Collaboration through Blogs & Forums
  • Frictionless learning experience
  • Centralized repository for all development tools and learning needs
  • Reliable and secured infrastructure for code repository
  • An open environment for developers to quickly test APIs
  • A social collaboration platform
  • Competitive developer and partner relationship
  • Customizable and seamless integration with different API management products


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