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UniVu is a Big Data based University Analytics platform which enables course delivery and administrative insights along with student success analytics towards 360 degree improvements.

A lot of data is available with the Universities from sources like ERP, LRS, Student Information Systems, Virtual Learning Environments & Learning Management Systems.However, these are in silos and UniVu binds them together in a seamless integrated data platform. This allows for critical, actionable and predictive insights to be derived by using predefined or customizable KPI’s, which are then presented as ‘to the point’ visualization to decision makers.

Higher Education leaders can use UniVu as their one stop source to a holistic University analytics system that can aid a variety of stake holders:

  • Students – Pin-point the areas of improvement; recommend Degree success maps; render real time evaluation and remediation insights
  • Course Delivery Staff – Discover at-risk students, observe trends, recommend interventions to learning journey
  • Administration – Measure program impact, consistently optimize learning resources
  • Curriculum Creators – Provides for flexibility based on student learning patterns, increase content efficacy; run historical trend analysis
  • Certification Bodies – Run Cheat Analysis, improve Item Bank effectiveness
  • Funding Institutions – Helps with enhanced decision making to reveal priority programs that need additional funding

Why UniVu?

UniVu provides 360 degree insights covering the unique needs of different university stakeholders while supporting innovative applications that add critical value. It comes ready with a set of Pre-Defined KPIs built around the most critical actionable insights that education leaders need on priority. Also, UniVu supports open standards (XAPI, Caliper) and it can be integrated with existing ERP, LMS/LRS seamlessly. It is fully customizable to the unique requirements of higher education institutions. Still in doubt? Picture this:

  • Proven Education domain expertise
  • Course delivery insights to unveil course effectiveness and teaching method improvements
  • Administrative insights on optimizing resources, priority funding program, cheat analysis etc.
  • Tailor made plug & play analytics solution with seamless integration
  • Critical, pre-defined and customizable KPI’s
  • Based on extensive research validation on unique needs of universities

Features & Benefits

  • Data Connectors & pipe lines for connecting different data sources including sensors and managing the data flow
  • Programmable view: for creating customized single view for business entities for better insight
  • Multi-Channels: Voice and chat based interactions supported by AI and cognitive services
  • Alert & Notifications: Enable users to create alert and allows stake holders to stay updated through real-time notifications
  • Analytics: Supports both runtime and batch analytics
  • Single or 360-degree view depicts every aspect of a business entity (students, teachers, courses, and campaigns)
  • Specially designed, customizable KPIs and analytics solutions for higher education
  • Self-service BI for creating customized dashboard and reports
  • Data lake with controlled access for different users and groups


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