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As part of the Hi-Tech landscape, Happiest Minds works closely with companies developing software and hardware products for industries such as enterprise or consumer software, semiconductors, networking, telecom and consumer electronics. As digital becomes all pervasive and the advantages enjoyed by traditional players with scale begin to erode, the market leaders will be the ones that are able to address the unique needs of heterogenous sub-segments that are each driven by a different set of market drivers. Digital technologies are critical in equipping businesses to deal with this emerging reality by building elasticity and agility to stay ahead in a dynamically changing marketplace.

Another major focus area for enterprises is to tap into the massive potential of disruptive technologies like IoT, Blockchain and Advanced Analytics to fundamentally reimagine their customer experience and build a sustainable business advantage. As a result, ISVs and Product companies need to move these technologies from lab to production while accelerating their time to market and embracing innovative models to build and maintain their products.

We at Happiest Minds have worked extensively with ISVs, Device OEMs and Product companies in helping them create robust, market ready offerings that are future ready and primed to add value.


Software Products and Platforms

Product Development has undergone a sea change over the last two decades and the timelines have drastically shrunk to capitalize on the fast-closing window of opportunities. With customer expectations and competitive dynamics necessitating new product releases to be rolled out as often as the seasons change, product developers need to constantly be on their toes. Happiest Minds with its deep technology background and domain expertise provides the necessary platforms, services, and solutions to ISVs & consumer focused tech companies. We work collaboratively to accelerate their product and technology roadmap, implement better software engineering practices, and rapidly productize their innovations and ideas. We provide –

  • Platform and Product Engineering
  • Modernization
  • Customer Experience
  • Security, Data Protection and Compliance
  • Cognitive QA
  • AI Ops

The ubiquity of smart phones and high-speed internet connections along with the emergence of platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube has fundamentally changed the way content is created and consumed. This has resulted in a significant shift of advertising dollars to reach highly targeted customers with engaging, interactive, and often personalized content.

As a result, Marketing and Advertising technology should not only be equipped to deliver content at scale across various platforms and devices but also be able to ensure the right ads are shown to the right audience while accurately accounting for KPIs.

Happiest Minds has developed a nuanced understanding of the AdTech market and has worked with clients to address their challenges by leveraging technologies like AI to create a programmatic advertisement platform, contextual ad delivery and platforms to identify optimal advertisement channels and slots. We provide –

  • AI driven programmatic advertisement platforms
  • Measurement
  • Better User engagement
Consumer Electronics

For the longest time, the Consumer Electronics industry hadn’t changed much and the focus was simply on producing quality products while maintaining a tight leash on production costs. However, the advent of IoT has thrown up new possibilities to create connected customer experiences and leverage software to constantly improve hitherto static physical products. Happiest Minds with its deep expertise in IoT, AI and platform technologies helps clients in making their products IoT enabled to facilitate smart, secure, and connected customer experiences. We offer –

  • Personalized User Experiences
  • Feature additions using OTA
  • Creating on-Demand/Usage models
  • Use IoT data from the field to inform software updates and future product iterations.
Networking & Telecom

SDN (Software Defined Networking) and NFV (Network Function Virtualization) have captured people’s attention and are increasingly redefining the way networks are built and managed for a world that is modern, connected and always switched on. Happiest Minds has deep expertise in developing software centric open architecture based on SDN and NFV and combining it with server class commodity hardware to provide the desired intelligence in the network that makes it simple, agile, programmable, and flexible.

We bring with us a deep understanding of the open SDN & NFV ecosystem that taps into the latent potential of switches, routers, and network services to rise above the limitations of proprietary technologies. We work together with organizations in understanding their unique requirements to provide ‘state of the art’ product development using SDN, NFV, Blockchain, Cloud and Big Data & Analytics technologies.

We provide the following services – 

  • Protocols, Disaggregation, Programmable Data plane, DPDK, P4
  • Edge Networking & Cloud Networking: VNF / CNF
  • Network and service orchestration
  • Intent based networking
  • SDN controllers and SD-WAN applications

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