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There have been seismic shifts in the technology world over the last few years which have resulted in the emergence of industry 4.0, network 2020 and intelligent smart devices along with embedded software. Today for a product to succeed, it needs to be able to adapt to rapidly changing standards like ETSI, FDT, MEF, ONF, ONAP, work across industry applications and adhere to complex global certifications.

With embedded and software components now being closely integrated, testing strategies and practices need to evolve quickly to enable the idea of continuous automated testing. We, at Happiest Minds are well positioned to support your end-to-end product life cycle testing needs as we bring with us deep domain knowledge and a wide array of technical capabilities.  Provided below is a snapshot of our expertise –

Happiest Minds Embedded Testing Services offers a comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions incorporating innovative testing process and tools for the embedded domain covering Test consulting, Test planning, Test Execution, Test Automation and Test Labs.  These service offerings are aligned to –

  • Device Testing
  • Network Testing
  • Industrial Protocol Testing
  • Security End Point Testing
  • Test Automation

With expertise in every phase of the product testing life cycle, Happiest Minds Technologies brings in a wealth of people experience in testing for a variety of products such as gateways, control systems, servers, single board computers, industrial protocols, network hardware and consumer devices cutting across various areas like industrial automation, IoT devices, networking and storage.


Device Testing

Due to network transformation and the ubiquity of smart devices in the market place, the time is now to rethink the testing approaches required to validate these smart devices. Happiest Minds has a dedicated device testing team comprising of highly skilled test engineers with expertise across several tools and artifacts. This team has executed various projects by effective test planning and test topologies creation by leveraging opensource test tools, agile test processes and a shift left approach.

Happiest Minds offers device testing services that can help our clients accelerate their device development through an accelerated testing approach and test suites. We offer –

  • DVT Testing
  • Firmware Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Functional and System Testing
  • Pre-compliance Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • End to End Testing
  • Test Automation
Network Testing

As both service providers and data Center networks undergo a rapid transformation towards adopting Software Defined Networking(SDN) and Network Functional Virtualization(NFV), there’s a need to re-think some of the test strategies that are characterized through dependence on hardware and associated Network Operating Systems(NOS).

Happiest Minds offers a wide range of Network Testing Services covering the needs of networking OEMs and service providers by leveraging its talent pool, in house test frameworks, test accelerators, tools and test servers. We offer –

  • L2-L3 Protocol Testing
  • SDN Controller Testing
  • NFV and VNF Testing
  • Management and Network Orchestration Testing
  • Test Automation


Industrial Protocol Testing

With the emergence of Industry 4.0 and the rapid introduction of smart devices combined with the digitization of manufacturing processes, new test strategies need to be formulated to address the convergence of Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology(IT).

Happiest Minds offers a wide range of Industrial testing services in the industrial automation space with our extensive knowledge and understanding of the various protocols. Our capabilities include system testing, Interoperability and pre-compliance testing. We offer –

  • Process Automation ProtocolsTesting – Modbus, HART, Profinet, Profibus
  • Industrial Control Systems Protocol Testing – OPC, OPC-UA
  • Building Management System Protocol Testing – BACNet, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP
  • Power System Automation Protocol Testing – DNP3
  • Wireless Testing – Zigbee, BLE, Bluetooth
  • Serial Interfaces Testing – RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, SPI, I2C
  • GPIO Testing
  • SCADA Testing
  • Gateway Testing
  • Test Automation
Security End Point Testing

With IoT having broken into the mainstream, a plethora of embedded devices are now connected to the network. Ensuring the security of these devices and the data they contain is top priority for businesses. It is very important to consider the coding guideline for embedded device security while producing devices such as the Industrial control systems, IoT gateways and controllers.

Happiest Minds provides specific security testing for embedded platforms that can help our clients accelerate their device development through secure testing. We offer –

  • Secure boot & updates
  • OS hardening tests
  • PKI in embedded systems
  • Transport layer security
  • Data collection Usage and Storage
  • Firewall Testing
Test Automation

Most businesses today are operating in a dynamic market where it is common to see changes in customer demands during different stages of the development cycle or post deployment. As a result, Test Automation is now an integral component of product life cycle management.  

Happiest Minds provides the required consultancy and planning for test automation at the early stages and implementation at various other points in the product life cycle with the integration into CI/CD for continuous testing. We offer –  

  • Robust Test Automation Planning
  • Key word driven framework development for easy maintainability
  • Protocol simulators
  • API test Automation
  • Embedded Hardware connectivity libraries
  • CI/CD Integration
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