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IdentityVigil – Identity Management Solution

Enterprises across the world are trying to remain focused on their core business while minimizing IT investments and overheads. With identity threats on the rise, identity management solutions have become a norm for IT security and operations. For most of them, governance, risk, identity management and compliance initiatives need to be addressed efficiently and cost effectively. Any missteps in compliance could lead to strict penalties and loss of reputation, making managing and controlling access to enterprise resources a critical requirement. Also, Enterprises needs to focus on providing access to their applications through single sign-on that simplifies and secures access to the cloud, mobile and on-premise applications while increasing IT control and visibility.

Organizations should look at identity management solutions that offer a holistic approach to addressing the above as tactical or point solutions do not yield the desired results. Keeping these requirements in mind, Happiest Minds offers comprehensive and effective solutions that ensure secure access and privileges are granted to the necessary users, effectively eliminating internal and external threats. Happiest Minds brings experience and expertise to the table by defining the right parameters for secure access to sensitive information.

Identity Management Framework

Remote worker



  • Automated Provisioning
  • Federated SSO
  • Password Mgmt & Self-service
  • Privileged Accounts
  • Identity Compliance
  • Access Governance
  • Access Management

Virtual Private Cloud

HR Applications


Branch Office

Cloud Hosted Service-Meant For Enterprises Country Specific Hosting to meet Data Privacy Requirements

Identity Management Framework

WHY IdentityVigil

IdentityVigil is one of the leading identity management solutions that helps organizations efficiently meet their security, regulatory and business access needs, through an end-to-end holistic IAG solution. IdentityVigil provides:

  • Analytics driven access governance solution with in-built rule based provisioning engine
  • Life cycle management of privileged accounts across platforms, network devices and applications
  • Device agnostic, secure and seamless single sign on (SSO) across on-premise and in the cloud applications
  • Scalable and flexible privileged identity management (PIM) for advanced threat protection
  • Faster and intelligent identity and access governance with analytics


Identity and Access Governance

IdentityVigil is the most agile, analytics-driven identity access and management solution enabling continuous compliance in a cost-effective way. IdentityVigil provides a 360° view of each user’s identity and applications, establishing critical links between a user’s identity and their access privileges. It provides greater visibility and insights through configurable dashboards, risk metrics and compliance specific reports.


  • 360 degree view on who can access what data, when, and for how long along with the access changes that are occurring in real time.
  • 360-degree view of access and the risks posed to enterprise data
  • Access Request and Approval: configurable workflow to manage access request and approval processes. Access Approval Process ensures
  • Access Change Monitoring: highly scalable engine that can detect, analyze and notify key access changes across all applications.
  • Access Controls: Simple and easy deployment configuration of regulatory and compliance controls with intuitive and feature rich UI.
  • Access Certification: A platform for supports performing scheduled, event-driven, need-based and ad hoc Access Certification.
  • Access Activity Monitoring: A comprehensive analysis and reporting of what users are doing with access granted


  • Comprehensive view of the roles and privileges of various departments
  • Highest level of compliance and regulated access control – supports continuous access governance and not just periodic access governance
  • Analytics driven access governance – comprehensive analyses of access grant powered by dynamic rule based access and data categorization process
  • Business user-friendly interface
  • Availability of a wide variety of connectors for integration with most of the applications and platforms
  • Reduces the need for frequent access certification / recertification
  • Supports collaborative decision-making during certification.
  • Support ad-hoc certification of any user access at any time.
  • Deep insight into how access is being used by users across all assets in the organization
Privileged Identity Management

IdentityVigil’s PIM Solution helps monitoring and protecting super user accounts in an organization’s IT environment so that the greater access abilities of super control accounts are not misused, abused or attacked. Privileged accounts have typically been very loosely governed, and they can lead to loss or theft of sensitive corporate information, or malware that can compromise the network. Identity PIM protect against both internal and external threats, providing complete life-cycle management, governance and intelligence on privileged accounts.


  • Application Access Control: Configure virtually every on-premise and cloud-based application for secure, automated login on local machines
  • Approval workflows: Enables to configure password check out. Configure checkout rules for any user or role.
  • Deeper Auto Discovery: Comprehensive discovery helps avoid leaving accounts exposed – ability to reliably discover and secure the widest range of privileged accounts, right out-of-the-box
  • Easier Integration: Native integration with leading help desk systems, security frameworks, directory services and much more
  • Session Recording: Configured to record automatically, whenever users access selected corporate applications – both on-premise s and in cloud.
  • Auditing, Logging and Reporting: Record, audit and report every action performed


  • Stays secure as your IT environment evolves
  • Reduces IT Audit Cost and uncertainty
  • Monitors privileged user actions
  • Eliminates error-prone IT tasks
  • Provides a delegated interface to launch corporate applications – whether hosed on premises or in the cloud – with a single click.
  • Workflows that saves management time while granting faster access to authorized IT staff whenever needed for routine service or emergency fire call repairs
  • Administrators with Auditor rights can search and play back the session recordings
Single Sign On

Device agnostic, secure and seamless single sign-on (SSO) experience for SaaS and On-premise Applications – IdentityVigil provides the comprehensive SSO solution that enables IT and security organizations to simplify user access to applications that are on premise or in the cloud.


  • Federated SSO: Supports federation services and securely share identity information across heterogeneous systems or domain boundaries using standard identity protocols (SAML, WS-Federation, OpenID Connect).
  • Web SSO: Supported through a self-contained gateway that protects web applications where installing a policy agent is not required.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Scalable, easy to use, high user adoption Mobile OTP solution built into SSO solution


  • Flexible and easily accessible way to access applications through single sign-on that simplifies and secures access to cloud, mobile and on-premise applications
  • Increased IT control and visibility


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