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The shift from on-prem to the cloud has made the workforce adopt a mobile-first strategy to support user access to data and applications from multiple devices and locations. Rapid change across technologies, organizational priorities, user expectations, business opportunities, and risks requires flexible and distributed identity and access management (IAM) architectures. As digital businesses strive to establish ‘digital trust’ as the foundation of their business ecosystems, security and identity enabled by IDaaS becomes even more critical.

Happiest Minds trademarked solution Identity Vigil 2.0 powered by OneLogin is a highly scalable 360-degree IDaaS platform that provides next-gen cloud-based Identity Management (IdM) built on principles of Zero Trust. In addition to managing digital identities more effectively, Identity Vigil 2.0 reduces IT costs by maximizing operational efficiency by defining the right parameters for secure access, providing real-time AD synchronization, role-based access control (RBAC) & mapping, and 24/7 support.

Our Value Proposition


Authentication & Single Click Sign On
  • Single portal access to business-critical applications
  • One secure password for all applications
  • Social login as a means of SSO
  • Desktop SSO with Seamless access from your Macs and PCs
  • Simple SSO experience to access Windows servers wherever they are
  • RADIUS endpoint for user authentication to securely connect to VPN or WiFi
AI-driven Adaptive MFA
  • Layer Multi-Factor Authentication across the enterprise ecosystem: SaaS, On-prem, custom apps, cloud infra, VPN, WIFI
  • Next-gen MFA that is password-less & context-aware
  • Prevention of Identify theft anomalous behavior pattern detections: user info, location, device, frequent apps, time-of-day, etc.
  • AI-driven risk score that enforces additional layers of MFA
Supports Hybrid deployments (on-prem/cloud) & LCM
  • On-prem SSO using ‘Access’ – a bridge between all your cloud and on-prem apps
  • Same level of security across on-prem and cloud apps
  • Easy to access & manage all apps, with strong security
  • RD Gateway & WebAccess – Secure remote access to on-prem Windows servers and desktops across on-prem/remote data centers & private clouds
  • Flexible and entitlement-driven Role-based access control
  • Active Directory sync in real-time linked with JML across all target applications
One stop IAM
  • Onboarding to ongoing support – all in one package
  • Flexible pricing and support models
  • Overall engagement governance
  • L1, l2, L3 support options
  • Flexible support hours
  • No hassles of application refactoring/version management/upgrades
  • Priority ticket support 24*7
  • Periodic performance/status reports


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