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Organizations embracing hybrid infrastructure model, diverse IT assets and global workforce have created huge opportunities for the attackers that can cause massive damage to business and organizations reputation. It is important for the organization to restructure its Security Operations Center (SOC) and build a robust Threat Detection and Response (TDR) capabilities to mitigate today’s sophisticated cyber-attacks. Organizations today are looking for a cost-effective yet reliable solution which is not possible with the traditional SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) tool.

With Microsoft SIEM product Azure Sentinel powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a perfect cloud-native solution that provides intelligent security analytics at cloud scale for your entire organization. With AI-powered Threat Detection and Response, it can detect threat and alert in real time. This Azure Sentinel can address various security requirements like Centralized Log Management, Security Threat Detection and Proactive Threat hunting. Our Azure Sentinel as a Service (AzSenaaS), is a complete end-to-end service package that can be personalized based on your requirements and can be delivered onsite/ Offshore or both.

Key Features and Benefits   

Collect (Security Data Across Your Enterprises)

  • Collect data at cloud scale
  • Enterprise Integration, Assimilates with other Azure Services
  • Correlate events with Microsoft URL intelligence and with your own threat intelligence
  • Currently Azure Sentinel has 42 connectors

Detect (Threats with vast Threat Intelligence)

  • Advance AI, uses ML & AI to hunt network threats
  • Eradicates Security Infra, reduced the maintenance cost
  • Detect previously undetected threats
  • Total 129 Analytics rules available in Sentinel developed by professionals

Respond (Rapidly and Automate Protection)

  • Respond to incidents rapidly with built-in orchestration and automation of common tasks
  • Use workbooks to power interactive dashboards
  • Visualize the entire attack to determine scope and impact
  • 50+ workbooks will help you on detailed information and Graphical visualization

Investigate (Critical Incidents Guided By AI)

  • There is 80+ hunting queries available for ad-hoc monitoring
  • Playbooks can be attached to the alerts and a pre-determined response can be initiated
  • Start and track investigations from prioritized and actionable security incidents
  • Sentinel can add value in identifying and analyzing multi-stage attacks which span across multiple areas


Azure Sentinel as a Service
  • Consulting – Consulting package which covers POC with use case customizations, two out of the box integration and recommendations
  • System Integration Services – System Integration Services package encompasses Design and Access, Implementations
  • Azure Manage Services – Manage Services would comprise of Basic and Platinum packages which includes monitoring and few additional customizations based on requirements
Build and Implement
  • Requirement Gathering and Planning​ – Gathering technical objectives and requirements
  • Architecture Designing​ – Designing the Azure Sentinel Architecture as per the requirements
  • Integration and Implementation​ – Integration and of in-scope devices, develop and enable the relevant use cases (feeds, rules, dashboards, playbooks)
Manage and Operate
  • Operations and Support – Definition and management of the scope, processes and SLA. Fine-tuning for continuous improvement​
  • Incident Response​ – Playbooks to ensure streamlined incident identification, analysis and remediation​
  • Proactive Threat Hunting​ – Hunting for threat behaviors proactively and automate investigations using playbooks


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