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Embedded product design is a specialized area that requires trained talent, expensive tools and modern equipment. In addition, there’s also the need for various support services such as industrial design, mechanical design, thermal engineering along with regulatory certifications. For OEMs, it is often difficult to get all these elements under one roof. Furthermore, rapid changes in technology and shrinking time to market, makes the investment in tools, people and infrastructure unattractive. That’s where, services of a reliable partner like Happiest Minds would be of immense advantage.

Happiest Minds Technologies offers a wide range of Embedded Design Services that are intended towards transforming an idea into a complete product. This includes devising of System Architecture, Hardware Design, Software Design, Mechanical Design, Prototyping, Validation, Regulatory Certification and Pilot Production.

With expertise in every phase of the product life cycle, Happiest Minds Technologies brings in a wealth of people experience in designing a variety of products cutting across various domains such as Networking, Storage & Telecom, Computing, Industrial Automation, IoT Devices, Wearables and many more.

Through our skilled personnel, latest tools, sophisticated lab and trusted eco-system partners, we cater to the cutting-edge technology sphere and legacy platforms. Our dedicated team, a perfect blend of experience and innovation, has the expertise to handle projects ranging from small form factor designs to multi-board system designs.



Product Design

From miniature wearable devices to complex system designs, Happiest Minds is a one-stop-shop for any electronic product design requirement. A firm believer of first time right designs, we follow proven practices that ensure superior product quality, extended availability and high fault coverage. We undertake design of products such as:

  • Single board computers: PC/104, 3.5” SBC, Industrial PC etc
  • System on Modules and carrier boards: COM Express, SMARC, Qseven etc
  • Wearable devices
  • IOT gateways
  • Healthcare devices
  • Servers, Storage solutions
  • Data acquisition I/O boards
  • Industrial control systems
  • Protocol Analyzer boards, Analytical instruments
  • Networking devices (Wired/ Wireless) – Modems, Routers, Switches, DSLAM etc
  • Multi-board System design
  • Power Electronics: AC-DC/DC-DC power supplies, Inverters, UPS, Solar power conversion
Board Design Services

From devising architecture to manufacturing, Happiest Minds offers a complete portfolio of Hardware Design Services for Single board design, Multi-board system design, Mixed Signal board (Analog and Digital), Processor/Micro-controller based designs, FPGA based designs, Reference designs/ Evaluation platforms, Power optimized designs, Small form factor designs, High density boards. Our board design services include:

  • Feasibility Analysis: Technical feasibility, BoM cost feasibility
  • Hardware board design: Schematics and PCB Layout development
    1. High speed interfaces: 100G Ethernet (25G CAUI), PCIe Gen 3, SAS-3, PCIe Gen 5, HDMI 2.0 and similar
    2. Wireless/ RF interfaces: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, LoRa, 3G, LTE etc
    3. Analog and Mixed signal boards
    4. Multi-Layer high-speed boards. Hybrid Stack-up with Rogers/ Megtron 6 and FR408 dielectric
    5. Rigid-Flex high speed boards.
  • Simulation: Pre & Post Layout Signal Integrity analysis, Thermal Simulation, PI Simulation
  • Reliability Analysis: FMEA Analysis, MTBF prediction
  • Prototyping: PCB Fabrication & Assembly
  • Testing: Board bring-up, Engineering Validation Tests, Design Verification Tests
  • Sustenance: Cost reduction, Obsolescence management, Feature enhancement
  • EMI/ EMC and Regulatory certifications: BIS, WPC, CE, FCC, RoHS, ESD, Safety, Environmental Tests
  • Production handover, Pilot production and Production support
Firmware Design Services

Software is an integral part of most electronic products today. From small footprint, power optimized firmware to safety-critical, real time applications, Happiest Minds develops software for all kinds of electronic devices. We have software development expertise in various platforms like Embedded Linux, VxWorks, Nucleus, QNX, FreeRTOS, uClinux, Proprietary RTOS, Android, Windows Embedded, ThreadX etc. Our service offerings include:

  • Boot loader development / BIOS Customization
  • Device driver development/Diagnostics
  • Board Support Packages (BSP)
  • OS Porting / OS Migration
  • Protocol stack porting / integration
  • Application Software development/ porting/ integration
  • Cybersecurity
  • IOT Edge/ Gateway
  • Feature enhancement
  • UX / UI Design
  • Mobile application development
  • Production Test Automation/ Test Software
FPGA Design Services

Happiest Minds has expertise in developing FPGA based designs using devices ranging from low density CPLDs to multi-million gate FPGAs/ SOCs. Our design team has profound experience working with FPGAs from leading vendors such as Actel, Intel, Lattice and Xilinx. Our end-to-end capability in FPGA design and quick development cycle positions us to be the right partner for any FPGA based design activity. Our FPGA design services includes:

  • RTL and Test bench design (VHDL/Verilog/SystemVerilog)
    • High speed protocols – PCIe Gen 1/2/3/4/5, NVMe 1.3, Gen Z, CXL, DP2.0, HDMI, Aurora, SRIO, GbE, 10GbE
    • External Interfaces – SPI, I2C, LPC, ISA, PCI, CAN, GPMC, ADC, DAC
    • On chip interfaces – APB, AHB, AXI3, AXI4lite, AXI4 streaming/memory mapped, Avalon streaming/memory mapped
    • Memory – NAND, NOR, DDR3, DDR4, HMC, HBM
    • Soft Processor IPs – NIOS II, Microblaze
  • Functional and timing simulation
  • Platform migration
  • Resource optimization (Logic, I/O, Speed)
  • IP core development
  • Glue logic design
  • 3rd party IP core integration
  • ASIC prototyping in FPGA
FPGA/ASIC Verification and Validation

Our team of expert verification engineers have successfully delivered projects in diverse domains like Networking, Storage, Military, Aerospace, Industrial, Test & Measurement and Consumer electronics. Our portfolio comprises of ASIC and FPGA verification at system as well as subsystem level with proven capabilities in achieving 100% code coverage and functional coverage in IP and SoC verification. Below is our verification portfolio:

  • Test bench architecture and test plan creation
  • Test bench design and development – Feature extraction, Bus functional models, Protocol drivers, sequencers, monitors and checkers
  • Test case development and execution
  • System / SoC / IP / Subsystem / Block level verification
  • Design/ Development based on VHDL/ Verilog/ System Verilog/ UVM/ OVM
  • Assertion based verification
  • Code coverage and Functional coverage
  • Perl / Shell / Python / Makefile script development
Mechanical Design Services

Our Mechanical design team helps to realize the right enclosure or mechanicals required for a product, considering the aesthetics, cost, cooling requirements, durability, ruggedness, safety aspects etc. Our capabilities include designing of Rackmount Chassis, DIN rail systems, Desktop Enclosure, Handheld Enclosure, Box type Enclosure, NEMA Enclosure, and Rugged Enclosure. Some of the design services we offer are:

  • Industrial design
  • Conceptual drawing
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Sheet metal / Plastic enclosures
  • Drawing format conversion
  • Packaging / Carton / Label design
  • Thermal design and cooling solutions
Embedded system/Application software

Happiest  Minds provides design services  for all the  software requirements of  products, taking care of activities starting from architectural design, coding, testing and software maintenance. Some of the software layers we support are:

  • Board Support Package for a variety of processor architectures (PPC, ARM, x86) and OS families (Linux, VxWorks, Android, FreeRTOS and other lightweight/special purpose RTOS)
  • Device Drivers for peripherals
  • Test and diagnostic software
  • Communication protocols- wired and wireless
  • Industrial protocols
  • Embedded UI Designs


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