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Digital insights driven business models are the truth of the customer-centric economy. The possibilities and opportunities hidden away in the tremendous amount of data originating from social media, beacons, IoT devices, smartphones, web clickstream, and hundreds of other sources are simply enormous. However, it is becoming more and more difficult for organizations to derive actionable insights from the strings of 0s and 1s. Traditional analytical methods are growing obsolete at an unprecedented pace in the rapidly evolving digital business landscape. Technologies like artificial intelligence, real-time data ingestion, cognitive computing, predictive analytics solutions, and natural language processing are already reinventing the way businesses utilize data to glean actionable insights.

Happiest Minds Digital Insights Services leverages its unique Mindful Thinking process to help organizations realize the actual value of their data. We help our clients stay a step ahead of disruption with a non-traditional approach to data analytics. Our unique data differentiators are designed to:

  • Deliver cutting-edge data analytics solutions
  • Derive near real-time actionable insights
  • Discover innovative solutions to business problems
  • Drive informed decision making, and
  • Realize Digital Capital

Digital Insights

We help organizations create an effective digital insights engine to understand and meet customer’s fundamental needs to gain a competitive edge. Happiest Minds data differentiators help you get a single view of data and revolutionize processes to embrace customer-centricity.

25+ leading organizations, across retail, banking, healthcare, manufacturing, telecom, and real estate are growing their business with Happiest Minds data differentiators. Are you ready to transform and propel growth?


Big Data Engineering

Connecting, collecting, storing, securing, managing, and processing big data is a challenge that often keeps many organizations from leveraging the full potential of their data. However, with the right strategy and expertise, it is possible for you to bring clarity to chaos and derive actionable insights from your digital data. Happiest Minds Big Data Engineering services enable you to:

  • Align your big data journey with business objectives
  • Evaluate competencies and develop capabilities to leverage Big Data opportunities
  • Create data-driven solutions for business problems and boost revenues

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Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

As the volume, velocity, and variety of data grow exponentially, organizations need effective aggregation, integration, validation, and gleaning techniques to uncover relevant insights in real time. Happiest Minds business intelligence and data warehouse services enable you to:

  • Effectively manage enterprise information
  • Enable advanced visualization to derive actionable insights from data
  • Track and improve ROI of business and marketing activities
  • Optimize customer processes and enable digital business moments
  • Understand user behavior and illuminate interesting patterns

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Data Science

Knowledge and foresight are two of the most essential weapons in the arsenal of any business. In the data driven world, they have become imperative for guiding strategy and gaining a competitive edge. Happiest Minds Data Science service helps enterprises take effective data-driven business decisions and find innovative ways to strategize and optimize operations while exploring new market opportunities. Our cognitive customer analytics, next-gen operations analytics, and IoT analytics offerings give you a comprehensive view of your business making it easier to navigate challenges and leverage opportunities. We enable you to:

  • Leverage data science to discover new growth possibilities
  • Develop technical and strategic infrastructure required to make the best use of data
  • Solve business problems and enhance efficiency using intelligent, data powered algorithms

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Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing

The stuff of science fiction a few years ago is shaping the now and next of digital businesses – intelligent systems that can see, listen, understand, and learn are ready to deliver real value to companies. Artificial intelligence and cognitive computing are defining next-gen capabilities imperative for success in a digital-first world. Happiest Minds artificial intelligence and cognitive computing services enable you to:

  • Leverage image processing and video analytics techniques to enhance efficiency
  • Develop Natural Language Understanding solutions to personalize communications
  • Utilize augmented and virtual reality to deliver superior products and services

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