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As information and communication technologies pervade every aspect of our lives – from shopping and banking to education and commerce, they also leave us vulnerable to cyber-crime. In fact, cyber security is one of the greatest challenges of our times and cyber security services have now become an important part of business strategies. As cyber threats continue to evolve, IT hesitates to implement new technologies due to concerns with security vulnerabilities and a lack of a comprehensive threat assessment.

With reported losses from security incidents and sophisticated attacks growing over the last few years, cyber security has assumed paramount importance. As new technological solutions being adopted, it now makes sense for IT to implement robust cyber security services for secure operations and protecting existing investments. Even a short disruption to the enterprise network translates to significant financial damage that can run into millions of dollars and put an organization or even a nation’s security at risk. There has been an increasing realization that basic protection tools and a lack of cyber security services implementation to protect important corporate information are no longer sufficient to protect against new advanced threats. Furthermore, enterprises are under tremendous pressure to collect, review and store logs in a manner that complies with government and industry regulations. In short, implementing cyber security services today is a tricky task for IT and identifying the right one is a tough decision. With Happiest Minds cyber security services, we bring experience and expertise in the cyber security front and our plethora of services suits all kinds of business sizes and requirements.

What enterprises need now are effective cyber security solutions to monitor and provide real-time visibility on a myriad of business applications, systems, networks, and databases. This is just what Happiest Minds advanced cyber security services have to offer.

Business Challenges

  • Emerging Threat Vectors
  • Lack Of Real Situational Awareness
  • Limited Intelligence Gathering, Utilization, And Sharing
  • Focused & Advanced Persistent Threats
  • Too Many Point Solutions Working In Silos

Happiest Minds Cyber and Infrastructure security offerings enable enterprises in building a smart and secure infrastructure. Countering focused and targeted attacks requires a focused cyber security strategy. We help organizations take a proactive approach to ensure that they stay secure in cyberspace and adopt a robust cyber security solutions strategy.

We provide end-to-end Cyber Security Services covering the following areas:

  • Advanced Malware Protection
  • Datacenter & Perimeter Security
  • Network Risk Assessment
  • Security-Monitoring-Services (SIEM & SOC)
  • Host & End Point Security
  • Cloud & Virtualization Security
  • Security Device Management

Cyber Security Service Offerings

Cyber Security Services



Managed Services

Proactive Network Risk Assessment

Network Threat Modeling

Vulnerability Management

File Integrity Monitoring

Configuration Management

Host and End Point Security

Mobility Security Strategy

Application Control

Network Access Control

Datacenter and Perimeter Security

Firewall Auditing

Next Gen F/W, IDS/IPS

Device Management

Cloud and Virtualization Security

VDI Security

Virtual Server Protection

Cloud Security Monitoring

Adavanced Malware Protection

Malware Defense Strategy

Network APT Protection

Network Forensics Services

Security Monitoring Services (SIEMS and SOC)

SIEMS Health Check

SOC Assessment


Next Gen SOC Setup

SOC Management Monitoring

Cyber Vigil platform

Security Device Management Services

24/7 Security Management and Operations


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