Protection of the digital assets is of paramount importance in this era and is reinforced with regulatory mandates. Globally, the financial sector for the obvious reasons has been at the center of attention both for ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ actors.

The changing paradigms of attack sophistication and increasing attack surfaces are demanding a revamp in Security Operations Centers (SOCs). Following a compromise/attack various reaction are triggered from SOC security like one of the initial reactions ‘contain the compromise’ have been outcasted by proliferating modernized attacks and to remain effective SOCs are expected to be preventive and proactive by design.

Financial sector regulatory bodies in India,  Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority of India (IRDAI)  and Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) understand the impacts of these changes and have released SOC cyber security guidelines and all the organizations under respective regulator are obligated to build defenses and align to the directives.

Our Information Security Services Assurance Center (ISSAC) is built on QRADAR platform integrated with some of the most intelligent & powerful threat feeds for Threat Intelligence (TI) & is capable to automatically respond based on programmable business logics (orchestration). Platform is compliant to the domestic regulatory directives of data protection & geo restrictions and is built with resilient operations to ensure continuity of coverage in pandemic or cyber outbreaks.

Preventive and proactive in nature, it’s coverage with resilient 24×7 operations makes it an ‘Assurance Center’ than an ‘Operations Center’

Key Drivers

  • High captive set-up cost: Next generation Information Security operation center needs huge capital and operational expenditure, ISSAC is offered as a service.
  • SOC remains a detective center, defeating purpose of its existence. ISSAC is next generation and being preventive by nature it is termed as an assurance center

SOC set up too costly for meagre log aggregation. ISSAC built with intelligence and automation