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Organization today require a 360-degree approach and advanced tools to counter modern cyber threats. Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated, well equipped, and use highly targeted techniques that can expose an organization’s sensitive information to the dark world. Some of the most recent attacks include targeted attacks, insider attacks, malware attacks, vulnerability attacks, ransomware attacks and phishing. These attacks can cause massive damage to enterprise reputation and customer loyalty. So, it is highly recommended to build a reliable and robust Cyber Threat Intelligence system with dedicated experts who can continuously monitor and alert you on the existing and emerging threat actors targeting you and your industry vertical.

Happiest Minds Technologies’ Cyber Threat Intelligence as a Service, proactively detects, assesses and manages vulnerabilities and advanced malware, alerting client organizations promptly to enable quick mitigation of risks. We understand the importance of data, and pick the appropriate, potentially damaging indicators from the noise using intelligent systems. Real-time information sharing of potential threats across our clients’ IT infrastructure helps them work on the right countermeasures at the right time. This information is then analyzed, curated and sent in a contextual report which contains information related to

1.   Who is targeting your organization, and from where?
2.   If your corporate network been compromised?
3.   Your presence on the dark web?
4.   Who is impersonating your brand or your VIPs?
5.   Has any sensitive information been leaked out?
6.   If your credentials have been compromised, are they being used to commit fraud?
7.   What are your compliance liabilities and if you’re breached?
8.   What is being spoken in social media which needs your attention?

Key Benefits

  • Enhancing visibility into threats and attack vector impacting customer business environment, reduction of breaches & business outage
  • Proactive threat protection & monitoring measures, prioritized patching or virtual patching in case of patch unavailability
  • Reduced time to identify and respond to incidents with increased accuracy
  • Reduced impact of incidents towards organizations
  • Visibility to targeted know/unknown threats curated for your industry vertical
  • Improved Data integrity & confidentiality with visibility over data exposure of your organization
  • Visibility on business risk exposure level of your organization and your supply chain
  • Visibility on web phishing activities of your organization


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