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Cloud computing has become a critical component of many organizations’ IT infrastructure, and it can quickly become one of the largest expenses incurred by a company. The benefits of cloud computing come with the cost of managing and paying for these resources, which can be complex and challenging.

According to Gartner, Cloud spending on public cloud computing will outpace traditional IT in the future. More than $1.3 trillion in enterprise IT spending is at stake from the rapid shift to the cloud, growing to almost $1.8 trillion in 2025.

The FinOps framework brings culture to an organization’s cloud spending. It can effectively manage your costs and ensure that the cloud spending aligns with your business goals. By implementing FinOps, organizations can ensure that their cloud computing investments deliver maximum value while minimizing costs.

What difference does FinOps bring?

  • Drives financial accountability & visibility
  • Accurate cost analysis
  • Accelerate business value realization and innovation
  • Real-time decision making

Happiest Minds FinOps solution can help businesses adopt FinOps practice and cost optimization through our certified experts and 4E framework in a phased approach. We have FinOps experience in a multi-cloud environment, accelerators, such as maturity templates, actionable plan templates, and automated policies which provide rapid reduction and optimization. Our certified experts can assess your FinOps maturity level through workshops, build business cases, and offer both short-term and long-term roadmaps on cost optimizations.



Discovery & Assessment:

  • Assess the current state of your FinOps Maturity level with our proprietary assessment workshop with our consultants to build a short and long-term roadmap
  • Realize cloud savings typically over 25%
  • Build your FinOps Business Case


  • Set up a central FinOps team
  • Create a roadmap to roll out FinOps practices across the organization
  • Drive cultural shifts and keep cloud costs within the expected range
  • Setup right FinOps tools for usage visibility
  • Configure budget alerts and chargebacks
  • Review the overall architecture
  • Implement tagging strategy
  • Right-size your infrastructure
  • Identify and reduce waste
  • Improve forecast accuracy, right costing, and negotiate better plans with the cloud service provider

FinOps Managed Services:

  • Leverage FinOps tool to provide increased visibility over cloud usage
  • Continual improvement in anomaly detection, remediation, and capacity optimization
  • Enable data-driven decision-making through detailed reports
  • Enable FinOps best practices
  • Stakeholder reviews to track performance against agreed KPIs


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