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Keeping up with the ever-increasing, ever-changing threat landscape (in terms of volume and sophistication) is a major challenge for cybersecurity experts. The lack of expertise, resources, and processes to operationalize a threat detection and response program are some of the significant challenges that organizations face today. So, organizations must build a true security operation center (SOC) with 24*7 support from a dedicated team of experts who can continuously monitor suspicious behaviors and malicious activities with end-to-end management of threat hunting, detection, and response.

Happiest Minds’ Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services bring the combination of AI-powered threat monitoring and automated incident response capabilities backed by domain experts who can help you achieve 3x faster MTTD and MTTR round the clock.


Our proactive security monitoring and incident response powered by AI and Analytics can be the right choice for your enterprise, enabling your organization with next-gen threat detection and response capabilities. Our MDR Portfolio is designed to offer multiple services to cover broader areas of the threat landscape of customers’ IT environment under one roof.


Consulting & Engineering
  • SOC 2.0-based Maturity Assessment and Heat Map
  • SOC 2.0 Services Design and Implementation Services
  • SOC Migration Services
  • SOC Services Standardization
  • Automation Services – SOAR
  • Automation Use Case Definition and Development
  • Existing Platform Automation Support
  • SIEM-based Security Correlation
  • External Threat Intelligence Integration
  • Orchestration and Response Automation-as-a-Service (AaaS)
  • Threat Intelligence; Advisories; Digital Risk Management.
  • Deception Techniques
  • Red Teaming
  • Threat Hunting and Forensics
  • Incident Response and Remediation
  • Integrated IT/OT/IoT Security Monitoring.
Security Automation-as-a-Service
  • Workflow and Collaboration – Operational Standardization
  • Orchestration and Automation – Overall integration, Workflow Automation, Containment, and Remediation Automation
  • Threat Intelligence Management – Building TI database and mapping with Automation Workflows
  • Overall Security Incident Ticketing and Case Management
  • Next-Gen EPP
  • EDR with AI/ML-based Detection
  • Threat Hunting and Forensics
  • Support containment and remediation of incidents qualified by your SOC
  • Forensics Investigation with Breach Impact Analysis.
  • Support Incident Response Automation
  • User and Entity Behavioral Analytics
  • Network Behavioral Analytics
  • Malicious Network Activities
  • Phishing Attack Detection
  • Command and Control Communications
  • Threat Hunting and Forensics OT Threat Monitoring
  • Incident Detection and Remediation Services
TI & Brand Monitoring
  • Credential Leakage – Stolen and forum user credentials
  • Threat Context – Intuitive information around threat actors, campaigns, IOCs
  • Data Leakage – Leaked company’s sensitive document and source code
  • Malicious Application – Illegal application, exploit kits stealing customer data
  • Brand Monitoring – Phishing Domains, Rogue Mobile Apps, Typosquats, Social Media Monitoring
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