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At Happiest Minds one of our primary focus areas is to “Build Next Generation Products and Platforms” leveraging Microsoft technologies. In a rapidly changing landscape, organizations are looking to reimagine their customer experience while accelerating their time to market. We provide a carefully chosen set of offerings that deliver modernized products and platforms to enable better customer experience and a cloud based microservices architecture for connected and highly scalable products and platforms.



Over the years, most organizations have made significant investments in technology and infrastructure, which need to be recuperated. But at the rate at which technology shifts shape, it is paramount that Engineering teams keep pace with and bring about the required modernization where needed. With Microsoft occupying a significant portion of the enterprise and Product IT landscape, there is a critical need for leveraging new Microsoft and industry technologies for –

  • Re-engineering from desktop oriented legacy products to new web based technologies.
  • Technology upgradation to leverage key features and benefits of the latest .Net framework, MVC.
  • Saasification using SOA with REST APIs (ASP, .Net, Web API)

Happiest Minds provides the following services related to modernization –

Consulting:  Assess existing products or platforms, analyze requirements, define a roadmap, design blueprints and build a prototype.

Engineering: Design and build products or platforms.

Test Automation: Test Automation for functional and Nonfunctional requirements.

DevOps: Continuous Integration and Deployment.

Cloud and Mobile First

The advent of the cloud in the last decade along with the proliferation of mobile devices has combined to create significant disruptions in the way businesses are managed. The idea of being able to access virtual resources on demand has allowed businesses to scale rapidly while providing built in flexibility to instantaneously mirror market realities. The idea is to use cloud based, highly scalable and performance oriented product or platform to enable access anywhere, high availability and optimize resource consumption.

Happiest Minds provides consulting, engineering and automation services across the following areas –

  • Cloud Migration – Migrate existing product or platform to cloud
  • Microservice Architecture – Design and implement Microservice architecture and leverage infrastructure such as Azure Service Fabric, Dockers, Containers and Kubernetes.
  • Responsive Web Application – Multi device enabled web application using HTML 5, Angular JS, ReactJs and Bootstrap library.
  • Hybrid Mobile Application – Mobile Application development using Xamarin, IONIC and React Native.
Connected Systems

It is widely believed that there could be as many as 50 billion connected devices by 2020. Innovations are being made by connecting devices with computing power, software and the internet to open doors to smarter ways of doing business. This quantum of connected devices would require synchronicity across connected devices, applications and systems.

Our focus is specifically geared towards –

  • IoT Solution: Enable connected end to end IoT solution from device to cloud to Visualization with Azure IoT suite and Azure Analytics services.
  • Integration: Integration of system, application and Data (Structure or Unstructured) using Azure Data Factory, BizTalk services, ETL services.

In each of the areas outlined above, Happiest Minds provides the following services –  

  • Consulting: Assess existing product\platform\gateway or sensors, analyze requirements, define roadmap, design blueprint and build prototypes.
  • Engineering: Design and Build the product and platform.
  • Test Automation – Test Automation for functional and Nonfunctional requirements.
  • Managed Services – Deployment, monitoring and Maintenance of the solution.
Data Insight and Visualization

Over the last decade or so, it has become abundantly clear that data is the currency required to make timely and informed decisions. However, this is easier said than done owing to the magnitude of raw data that is available. It is imperative to be able to make sense of this data in an intuitive and comprehensible manner to mine out the most important insights. Data Visualization enables decision makers to view analytics presented in an easy to understand manner by making use of pictures and graphics.

We at Happiest Minds are specifically focused on the following areas –   

  • Data ingress, data transformation and meaningful analysis with reporting and visualization.
  • Data Platform – Designing and building data platforms on premise or cloud based using the Azure data lake.
  • ETL or Data Integration – Connect to various data sources and load different formats of data for transformation using Azure Data Factory and SSIS.
  • Insight or Analytics – Analyze the data with patterns and algorithms using Azure Analytics services and Azure ML services.
  • Visualization – Intuitive reports and dashboards to view the analyzed data for decision making using PowerBI, Custom development using Angular and D3 charts.
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