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With lines blurring between physical and digital stores and selling becoming ubiquitous, functions such as sales and marketing need the help of transformational technologies like Product Information Management (PIM) to manage product data. PIM software solution aids businesses in centralizing, storing, enriching, and disseminating trustworthy, consistent, and authoritative data on multiple channels and customer touchpoints. In addition, it facilitates consistent customer experiences by developing flawless product catalogs and product pages, offering personalized recommendations and multi-regional product displays. PIM solution security is especially effective in digital commerce, as it directly impacts customer experience, sales, and even customer lifetime value (CLV).

Happiest Minds Product Information Management service enables organizations to provide the missing link by transforming their legacy systems and delivering in-depth product information for millions of stock-keeping units (SKUs) in industries like retail, CPG, and manufacturing. We help our clients implement a comprehensive product information management system that can change the game and deliver omnichannel success. In the product information management market, we empower organizations by:

  • Rapidly publishing and managing rich product information while handling large product catalogs
  • Improving operational efficiency, accomplishing ROI objectives, and achieving specific business goals
  • Crafting compelling product narratives through accurate, organized, and rich product data.
  • Offering excellent customer experiences and adapting to forever evolving customers’ choices
  • Viewing data management from a holistic standpoint by integrating seamlessly with existing systems


Data Quality and Management

Our PIM software solutions ensure accurate and consistent use of product information to bring tactical and strategic alignment between departments, positively impact operational efficiency, and ensure optimal utilization of enterprise resources while keeping a laser focus on business growth.

As a PIM solution provider, Happiest Minds offers high-quality data management that streamlines your product data through efficiently aggregating, classifying, and translating rich product information, thereby providing a concrete data roadmap and execution for the organization. We offer:

  • Data editing and batch editing
  • User and rights management
  • Data validation
  • Data publishing & versioning
  • Customized view of data
Master Data Management

The practice of Master Data Management (MDM) aims at creating a repository of accurate, enriched, consistent, and reliable master data by overcoming internal silos and roadblocks. It shares master data systematically across departments, ensuring efficient data governance and generating a competitive advantage to steer enterprises toward the path of digital transformation.

Happiest Minds can effortlessly fix the fragmented, low-quality, and non-standardized master data across your enterprise, thereby aiding supply chain management, and operational efficiency, obtaining intelligent insights to help enterprises make better decisions. We offer:

  • Compatibility with any Master Data Domain
  • Multi-domain Master Data Management Solutions
  • Improved time-to-market
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Accelerated digital transformation
Data Management Roadmap

Happiest Minds specializes in digitalizing data by carrying out consolidation, integration, and validation of your data. Our multi-domain expertise spanning across PIM, MDM, DAM, and customer data management (CDM) allows us to chart out the best data roadmap for you. We begin by understanding your data management requirements, and your technology landscape, followed by data modeling, workflow management, and data governance to match your enterprise’s long-term aims while addressing your mission-critical objectives. Our data roadmap can assist you by:

  • Creating a bespoke data strategy
  • Aligning your systems, processes, teams, and applications
  • Creating flawless integration among all internal and external systems
  • Taking all compliance and risk measures into account
  • Ensuring business process agility


Solution Implementation

At Happiest Minds, our data management implementation can help manage data of any kind or size. After understanding your data management needs, business vision, current state, and future state of data, we propose a feasible data management strategy in conjunction with taking buy-ins from the senior management and stakeholders.

The real implementation begins by locating all the information, identifying the systems, migrating data from legacy applications, and integrating them. This is followed by creating a data governance structure, customizing crucial workflows, and developing the required processes.

Once the implementation is complete, we thoroughly monitor our deployed solution, verify if the objectives we had set out to meet are accomplished, and reinforce whether the data strategy stays effective and future-ready. 

Digital Asset Management

The modern-day Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions allow brands to revive their brand promise and trust and help them face the rising speed, size, scale, and spread of digital assets. And because of this, DAM systems have turned into a key requisite for success in the existing MarTech ecosystem. And due to this, deploying a high-end DAM platform is not an option anymore.

Happiest Minds can help you speed up the digitalization of your assets by offering cutting-edge, excellent DAM solutions to let your business embrace digital transformation with confidence. We help you:

  • Eliminate data silos
  • Attain brand consistency
  • Offer flawless customer experiences
  • Improve metadata management
  • Streamline and enhance asset search


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