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Happiest Minds Technologies can turn complex, heterogeneous data into the highest quality, synchronized, trustworthy product information to accelerate your speed-to-market, increase sales, skyrocket efficiency, and open doors to newer innovations. Our Product Information Management (PIM) experts are highly equipped to execute immaculately customized PIM, regardless of your product data’s type, size, or scale. From retail to eCommerce to CPG to automobile industries, we are committed to supercharging operations, enhancing automation, and amplifying growth by making your product data stand out.

What Makes PIM Systems Distinct?

In today’s data-driven world, businesses that manufacture, sell, or distribute products cannot afford to neglect the value of a PIM solution, as no other system can manage product information as well as PIM does. PIM is the foundational engine that centralizes and enriches product data to drive seamless customer experiences and omnichannel strategies while accelerating your speed-to-market.

Need for PIM to Manage Product Data

Imagine your product information is scattered across different systems. This leads to:

  • Inconsistent data: Descriptions, images, and prices vary across channels; key details missing, confusing customers.
  • Increased inefficiency: Employees struggle to locate product data, often scattered across various systems, leading to productivity delays.
  • Broken customer experience: Data discrepancies lead to poor customer experiences, resulting in shopping cart abandonments.

To counter the challenge, our team of product information management service experts can transform your legacy systems into a modern, organized hub by analyzing your needs and priorities. By partnering with us, you gain:

  • Accurate and consistent product data: Customers get a clear, reliable picture of your products.
  • Improved customer experience: Easier product searches and complete information lead to happier customers.
  • Smoother online sales: Centralized data streamlines operations for uninterrupted sales.
  • Higher operational efficiency: Skyrocket your operations with unmatched flexibility and security.

Why Pimcore PIM?

Pimcore is an open-source digital platform that consolidates, enhances, and oversees enterprise data, delivering uniform and personalized customer experiences. As an integrated platform, it offers a centralized solution for Product Information Management (PIM), Master Data Management (MDM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Customer Data Platform (CDP), Digital Experience Platform/Content Management System (DXP/CMS), and digital commerce.

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Happiest Minds PIM


Why Happiest Minds Technologies Should Be Your Top Choice to Implement Pimcore PIM?

Pimcore Global Partner Exceptional Delivery Capabilities Deep Industry Expertise
Happiest Minds Technologies is a Pimcore Global partner. The global partnership is reserved for an exclusive set of system integrators (SIs) and consultancies that possess top-notch expertise in Pimcore PIM implementation. This recognition reflects Happiest Minds Technologies’ exceptional product knowledge, project delivery capabilities, and the power to drive innovation. Happiest Minds Technologies is not just an outstanding implementation partner; it is also considered a master in tailoring Pimcore to suit the needs of its clients. With a rare expertise in the domain of data management and digital services, Happiest Minds Technologies has years of experience, requisite infrastructure, and an immensely skilled workforce. Our integrated approach flows from providing consultancy to blueprinting to proof-of- concept, meticulous stress and functional testing, to final delivery. Our efficient resources have not only conquered the art of PIM but possess a high work ethic and can deliver impeccable projects in record times. Happiest Minds Technologies has several years of experience serving iconic, global clients across a host of industries: Retail & CPG, EdTech, HiTech, Media & Entertainment, Healthcare & Life Sciences, and BFSI. We have deep expertise in emerging technologies, including Blockchain, Robotics, Drones & RPA. Our strength lies in end-to-end capabilities, from consulting to deployment and IP-driven solutions. We have a presence across North America, India, UAE, Australia, the UK, and the rest of Europe.

Get a PIM Solution Tailored to Your Business — Today!

Happiest Minds Technologies team of PIM specialists will help you migrate from legacy systems to cutting-edge PIM solutions suited to your business needs while streamlining your operations, maximizing growth opportunities, and ultimately leading to smoother, uninterrupted sales.
So, if you are struggling with outdated systems, operational inefficiencies, shopping cart abandonments, or if inconsistent product data hinders your growth—let Happiest Minds Technologies unlock the power of your product information and take your business to the next level.

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Happiest Minds Technologies leaves no stone unturned in understanding your product information challenges and assessing the best possible routes to mitigate them. We help you discover new ways to manage your expanding product data needs by focusing on your priorities while improving the quality of your product information and ensuring that it stays scalable, operational costs remain low, and you can grow your business in the best ways possible. Some of the essential steps involved are:

  • Defining the product data management process
  • Understanding your gaps and pain points
  • Assessing all the use cases and scenarios
  • Understanding business process workflows and integration points
  • Planning the wireframes and sample screen designs
Solution Architecture

To effectively plan the implementation of a system like PIM, it is crucial to map out how all systems will interact with it, understand the data flow (whether it’s multi-directional or bi-directional), identify stakeholders, and assess every aspect associated with the process. Happiest Minds Technologies specializes in creating PIM data architectures that consider the unique needs of all parties involved. Key steps are:

  • Surveying the data landscape
  • Understanding all the data types
  • Evaluating the risks involved
  • Mapping the new data flow
  • Getting a nod from the top stakeholders
PIM Implementation

Happiest Minds Technologies functions with an unwavering focus on maximizing the impact of your product data performance, ensuring seamless product information exchange, fostering growth, and enhancing security while keeping the businesses’ unique needs at the center. The implementation process combines data discovery, modeling, configuration, standardization, and integration to realize company objectives. Optimal results are achieved by working alongside various teams, partners, and stakeholders. Key steps are:     

  • PIM discovery and design
  • PIM data modeling and system orientation
  • Migration and Integration
  • Regular reviews with all stakeholders to monitor progress
  • Determining the output
PIM Roll Out and Support

Once PIM is implemented, we ensure it meets the desired objectives by looking for potential challenges and inconsistencies. This includes providing backup support, technical expertise, activity logs, and onboarding of non-technical users by conducting essential workshops with employees to make them understand how a PIM system functions. The most crucial element is to match the vision and direction your business wants to take. Key steps are:

  • Monitoring the workflow
  • Ensuring prompt support
  • Managing expectations
  • Assisting technical and non-technical staff
  • Helping gain maximum value from PIM
PIM Security

At Happiest Minds Technologies, we keep the security and privacy of your data paramount so that no unauthorized use of data can occur. We do this by implementing robust access controls, encompassing the entire PIM process from consulting to roll-out. This includes safely gathering the product data, complying with data security regulations, running regular risk assessments and checks, making response plans to counter potential data threats, and keeping all stakeholders involved in new security initiatives. Key steps are:

  • Creating data governance plans
  • Conducting risk assessments
  • Carrying out thorough investigations for breach
  • Data encryption and password management
  • Fortifying the perimeters continuously 
Modernizing or Replacing Legacy PIM

Happiest Minds Technologies understands how legacy PIM software can impair your data management due to a lack of flexibility, especially when product data needs to be integrated with other systems. We specialize in modernizing your legacy PIMs by eliminating all aspects of manual data management. We compare the scenarios of upgrading your existing PIM with replacing it, keeping both situations’ factors in front of you. And while we modernize your legacy PIM, we ensure your business continuity remains intact. Key steps are:

  • Understanding the challenges of your legacy PIM system
  • Deciding on modernizing or replacement


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