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Industrial Automation has traditionally been centered around the Operational Technologies (OT). Digital manufacturing is a leap forward and is centered around the idea of aligning operational technology (OT), engineering technology (ET) and information technology (IT) to garner greater efficiencies and cost savings. While it is imperative to achieving high levels of sustainable growth and fostering digital innovation, it also requires higher levels of data and software governance, building interoperability and being nimble.

The speed of technology adoption in digital manufacturing is directly reliant upon the existing technology infrastructure. As a result, certain use cases have seen accelerated adoption while many others are experiencing a slow burn and will most likely be embraced gradually over a period of time. Currently, the manufacturing landscape is plagued by multiple inefficiencies which necessitate the adoption of digital technologies. For instance, production processes are far from optimal as all machines are not connected to each other, data exists only in silos, unplanned downtimes cause loss of productivity, asset and worker tracking systems are missing and there is a perceptible lack of IT-OT convergence. Similarly, inbound logistics and SCM are impacted by inefficient vendor-managed inventories, disconnected suppliers and a lack of real-time transparency leading to inaccurate demand forecasting. Finally, this lack of integration exists across IT systems as well with ERP & CRMs not being connected with OT and product ecosystems respectively while sales portals aren’t in alignment with SCM systems.

Happiest Minds addresses these issues with expertise in creating a platform-based approach to digital manufacturing. A platform which can serve as an integration point to various systems in the manufacturing operations and supply chain realms while possibly supporting and servicing end customers. With our strong understanding of the manufacturing ecosystem and deep technical expertise, we help our customers with:

  • IoT/Edge Computing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data systems
  • APIs and System Integration
  • Advanced Analytics / AI / ML
  • Robotics Process Automation
  • AR/VR
  • Blockchain

Our primary offerings are described below.


Digital Strategy Assessment

We offer strategic consulting designed specifically to help our clients draw out a long-term roadmap before embarking on a digital journey. This includes maturity assessment, digital opportunity identification and creation of technology and execution roadmap.

Product Design Optimizations

We help in creating new designs faster by digitizing the versions of historic product designs. This is then attached to the performance results of those designs at end of a production line and in the field to drive innovation and accelerate the creation of newer designs. We also offer capabilities in AR ready label designs.

Connected Manufacturing Operations
  • Paperless Automation: Creating digital workflows to replace paperwork or development of RPA systems to automate the manual entry of data or extracting data from documents.
  • Real time Asset & operations monitoring: Integration with sensors, PLCs, SCADA systems and Historians to get a real-time view of production operations.
  • Predictive Maintenance and Scheduling: Enablement of predictive maintenance systems, linking various parts and components in the plant to vendors, proactive scheduling of maintenance based on the conditions of the systems.
  • Quality Inspection & Batch Traceability: Enablement of image-based quality inspection, digitization of inspection workflow and establishing traceability to product component providers.
Supply Chain Optimizations
  • Inbound & Outbound Logistics: Improving efficiency of the inbound logistics by integrating the inventory data and production plan data to create an automated workflow of order generation and fleet planning for the pickup. Similarly, the outbound logistics is improved by integrating the production output data, loading dock data and pickup of fleet data to optimize the loading dock allocation. This gives real time material visibility with automation of manual processes, thereby increasing the overall efficiency.
  • Vendor-Supplier Management: This includes digitization of order placement, invoicing, and payments. Integration of data on the past quality of the material from the vendor, past invoices, delivery times etc. when presented on the dashboard, improves the insights and provides greater leverage with vendors to obtain better service and pricing terms.
  • Inventory Management: Integrated view of inventory data and upcoming deliveries from various warehouses can improve inter-warehouse collaboration to achieve faster deliveries to customers. Happiest Minds can help integrate, corelate and accurately forecast inventory requirements.
IoT Enablement of Products
  • Hardware and Communication Engineering: IoT enablement requires integration of sensors and controllers and allowing it to communicate with the backend platforms. Happiest Minds can help in engineering connected products and suggesting the appropriate and secure communications channel to help create next generation infrastructure. This can directly lead to a much improved user experience thereby creating discernible differentiation and tangible business impact.
  • IoT Platform: Happiest Minds can help assess and recommend the right IoT platform and the deployment model to provide for ease of manageability. This means creation of the right workflows, dashboards with appropriate analytical modeling and integrations to help create a secure connected ecosystem. Happiest Minds can also help in setting up the infrastructure for monetization of data and APIs.
  • Persona based Digital Experience: Happiest Minds can help right from UX design to implementation to address various personas like end customers, field technicians, sales personnel, dealers, distributors, customer support etc. The experience is the key to adoption and business impact, everything else is technology.
IT Modernization and Automation
  • IT+OT Integration: Happiest Minds can enable IT and OT integration while helping you create a “Digital Factory” where Industrial Automation systems are integrated with design, engineering and enterprise software systems. This is made possible by the enablement of IP based communication, intelligent edge and technology shifts for SCADA, Historians and MES moving them to the cloud with technologies like Cloud, Big Data analytics and Digital Twin capabilities.
  • Customer Experience and Insights: IT systems which are customer facing need to work seamlessly with the website, eCommerce solutions, customer support interfaces and sentiment analysis systems. Happiest Minds enables all of this with the right blend of technologies like chatbots, artificial intelligence, NLP, PIM system implementations and customer support platforms with real-time information from IoT systems to name a few.
  • Business Process Automation: Happiest Minds brings in expertise in tools like UIpath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere and Power Automate among others to provide end-to-end design, development and delivery of process automation allowing customers to focus on business needs and core operations. This allows for increased productivity and efficiency along with optimized resourcing and costs.
Secure Managed Services
  • Infrastructure Operations Management: Happiest Minds helps in managing the infrastructure required for a manufacturing business and its operations. This infrastructure includes networks, compute, databases, applications, platforms, storage, containers et al. Happiest Minds can support this with its own remote NOC or help setup a NOC from the customer with a proven set of tools and systems. This includes ITIL based incident management, alert management, command center, and reporting based on SLAs aimed at delivering the following:
    1. Standardized and Cost Optimized IT Operations
    2. Increased Infrastructure Uptime and Efficiency
    3. Unified Visibility into Infrastructure
    4. Enhanced Operational Intelligence
    5. Consumerization of IT
    6. Automation Driven Agility
  • Business Operations Management: Digitization impacts the way business operations get run. The type of problems, issues and escalations can be very different from what they used to be before digitization. Happiest Minds can help setup the business operational muscle including L1/L2/L3 support, Application or Platform support along with support for the field force. This is further augmented by creation of the service level view and advanced analytics in terms of trends, drill down reports and event correlations.
  • Security Operations Management: One of the key risks which come along with digitization is security. Happiest Minds can help alleviate this risk with offerings around governance and risk compliance, infrastructure security with managed detection and response, identity and access management, advanced threat management, data and information security and IoT security. This is enabled by a host of packaged solutions and managed security operation centers. Some of the differentiators which we bring to the table are:
    1. Integrated security to enable hybrid cloud across enterprises, integrated security in DevOps and security requirements for IoT solutions.
    2. AI powered cybersecurity platform and solutions.
    3. Automation led security for enhanced incidents.
    4. Business application security assurance.
    5. Focused data privacy and security.


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