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As we enter a new decade, the debate isn’t whether businesses should embrace the cloud but to what extent can they leverage a cloud-based model as a strategic driver of business advantage.

It is quite apparent that most businesses have adopted cloud computing in a major way to create a seamless customer experience and drive operational efficiencies. While consumer focused industry segments like education, telephony, retail, e-commerce, media, and entertainment were the leaders in cloud adoption, industrial entities have now made significant strides with the cloud as well.

There has been a marked shift towards an app economy where mobile only applications and services have become an integral part of our lives. The other crucial development has been the emergence of subscription based solutions that has created new revenue models, billing methods and delivery channels, while completely disrupting the technology and service delivery landscape.

Happiest Minds’ Cloud and SaaS offerings help our clients create solutions that are scalable, secure, and ready to create business impact. We bring immense experience in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud platforms to help you enhance your solutions while driving measurable cost savings.



Digital Cloud Foundry

We are one of the leaders in providing high-quality cloud software engineering services for leading solution providers and emerging technology companies. We use our accumulated technology and industry expertise to become a strategic partner of choice for delivering complex cloud solutions across a range of verticals for our customers.

  • Rapid Prototyping: From concept to prototype, Happiest Minds helps customers build and test concepts faster.
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP): As part of the digital could foundry we help our clients by conceptualizing and build MVPs.
  • Digital Engineering Audit and Roadmap: Helping customers define a product or solution roadmap and engineer them for a sustainable digital future.
Engineering Digital Cloud Platform

At Happiest Minds, we help clients take advantage of the limitless possibilities that cloud offers, while accelerating their journey to the Cloud economy. Our cloud implementation offerings are meant to find innovative ways to optimize operations, regulate information access, aid application development and capitalize on market expansion opportunities. We provide –

  • Design, build, deploy, test, and sustain cloud optimized platform, leveraging cloud native services.
  • Modernize applications using microservices and or serverless design leveraging containers and DevSecOps on cloud platform.
  • Capacity planning and optimized cloud storage for scalable and optimized storage.
  • Integration of on-premise, and cloud services.
  • Continuous delivery of cloud application using automation and DevOps tools.
  • Cloud IoT.
  • Cloud Distribute Ledger Technology services offered by AWS and Azure.
  • Security by Design.
  • Scalability, resiliency, and constant monitoring.
Distributed Multi Cloud Engineering

A new wrinkle in Cloud Computing is the arrival of the distributed cloud, which refers to having computation, storage and networking in multiple locations managed and serviced by one or more providers. This brings in a new paradigm of cloud computing by distributing the compute and storage at different locations, while keeping the consumer closer.


  • Network Scalability: Low data transfer due to edge clouds. Tradeoffs between compute and data storage
  • Low Latency: Edge cloud could be closer to the consumer of the application, storage. Increases response time
  • Risk Management: Help protects from outages due to distributed cloud configuration at infrastructure level, provide faster time to recover in distress situation. Low risk of security attacks
  • Cost Performance: Lower risk of down time. Different cloud is good in different things thus providing boost of efficiency and dropping cost
Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration is the process of moving application, data and all related components and elements from local on-premise data centers to cloud infrastructure. This also includes moving data and application from one cloud infrastructure to another, which is a cloud-to-cloud migration.

Why migrate from on-premise to Cloud:

  • In today’s times, a business can hit a sudden growth spurt and they wouldn’t want this expansion to be limited by hardware constraints. Cloud infrastructure provides the flexibility to scale up or down based on business needs.
  • Security is taken care of at the infrastructure and application layers as cloud providers now have the most robust security programs.
  • Scaling during peak seasons of a business is adequately addressed as cloud providers enable run time scaling without manual intervention.
  • Unmatched cost efficiencies as businesses are charged only for what they use and any hardware investments that are required are a fraction of running a local data center.

Why migrate from cloud to cloud?

  • Business specific cloud native services provided by other cloud providers
  • Enhanced and better services.
  • Better performance and security.
  • Cost effective.

We at Happiest Minds assist our clients with their cloud migration efforts across all three major cloud providers – Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. With our immense experience across these platforms, we help businesses to re-design the application and data keeping the various cloud native and cloud agnostic services, as needed, provided by the cloud provider.

Having helped several clients across industries migrate to the cloud, we bring our experience to bear that results in eliminating mistakes and ensuring a smooth migration.

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