In many cities, deregulation has given consumers the power to choose their power supplier, completely altering the retail and energy services landscape. Newer, aggressive entrants in the space are giving rise to competition that had not existed earlier. In these cities, as energy prices are not regulated, consumers are not forced to receive supply from their utility.

Digital transformation initiatives can offer a host of benefits for retail and energy services companies such as:


Such dynamic market conditions and progressively increasing consumer engagement are adding to the pressure faced by retail and energy service companies. However, the changing dynamics do offer a great opportunity to these players to gain a competitive edge by digitally transforming their business and processes. As customers take the center stage, enterprises must pay attention to what they are saying and transform customer journeys. They need to act fast!

Happiest Minds helps retail and energy services companies enrich customer experiences and expand business, enabling them to unlock greater operational efficiency and improve revenue. We also enable retailers to differentiate their products from the utility and those of competitors by developing innovative features and products (such as green energy products), pricing plans, and options that would have otherwise not been available to consumers. We facilitate digitally driven process enhancements that bring about cost reduction, result in lower customer churn, and improve profits.

At a time when the world is looking for energy efficiency, Happiest Minds helps enterprises develop intelligent retail energy solutions backed by the power of IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), and smart data analytics. We facilitate next-gen connected energy services with connected assets, a connected workforce, centralized operations, and centralized maintenance.