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What is Smart Merchandising?

Our Smart Merchandising Solutions for e- Commerce can help you to create e- commerce landing pages in under 30 seconds. This allows retailers to focus on running more specific digital campaigns where product sorting is dynamic to maximize your campaign conversion rates. This sorting is based on the real time Tag level analytics that monitors how visitors engage with these landing pages.
Landing pages created using our tool, also help in improving the productivity rates of the team and remove fatigue in manual efforts of page creation. Apart from creating the pages, we can also assist you in getting the relevant merchandising business insights by evaluating the effectiveness of each page and thereby understand ROI on any onsite or offsite marketing campaign.

The Business Needs [Why Smart Merchandising?]

Fresh content based on internal and external trends is required to increase user engagement and give potential customers more reasons to keep visiting online retail stores. Spending dollars on numerous marketing campaigns (SEM, SEO and Social Media) to bring online shoppers to your website does not guarantee maximizing the revenue potential of your retail business

Merchandisers and digital marketers, spend hours in creating campaign pages and waste time in the manual effort to create a page, when it should be invested in the art and science of product selection. However, the absence of tag level analytics to understand visitor engagement reduces the conversion rate of these campaigns.
Landing pages created using this tool, dynamically sort themselves to maximize the conversion rate on each location based on the visitor engagement data from that location.

Uniqueness of the Solution

Our learning engine studies how visitors react to products and its attributes to understand what keeps visitors engaged in your retail store. Like a smart shopping assistant in a store, we process this information to identify insights and promote products that have a higher likelihood of being purchased by a visitor at that given point in time.

Features & Benefits

  • Time Savings: With click to add functionality, createany landing page in under 30 seconds
  • Analytics: Post deployment of the landing pages on your SEO,SEM or Social Media campaigns, observe the real time engagement of visitors. Know why products sell or do not sell
  • Dynamic Sorting: Allow our engine to dynamically sort the products on the pages to maximize conversion rate
  • Reduce the time to create a landing pages by almost 70%
  • Focus on delivering more engaging experience rather than focusing on the cumbersome task of creating landing pages
  • Access to valuable merchandising business insights with on-page Analytics and tag based reports
  • Plan more customer focused and targeted campaigns
  • Improve ROI of social media campaigns, by optimizing the campaigns based on merchandising analytics


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