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Proliferation of smart devices such as Smart Phones, Tablets, Wearables, Voice Assistants and Smart TVs along with a matured app eco system has redefined the way businesses interact with customers across globe.

Irrespective of the size of their business, large scale enterprises, small businesses and startups  are all embracing mobile and multi-screen experiences as the bedrock of their digital initiatives. Adoption of disruptive technologies like Augmented Reality, Blockchain, IoT and Artificial Intelligence combined with a sustained focus on experience and security has made ‘mobile’ integral to accessing mass audiences while providing personalized experiences.

Happiest Minds’ Mobile offerings help our clients create mobile solutions that facilitate rich and engaging experiences with productive customer interactions that drive business value.


Design and Prototyping

Digital has negligible barriers to entry and a mobile application can be created by almost anybody. As a result, there are millions of apps but only a chosen few will eventually succeed. Standing out in this sea of homogeneity requires creating a good user experience that is both intuitive and engaging.  

Happiest Minds helps it clients build mobile apps that are optimized for content, convenience, context, productivity, and performance.  We offer –

  • Responsive Design adapting to a wide variety of device types and sizes
  • Pixel Perfect Designs
  • Clickable prototypes and MVPs for faster market reach
Application Development

Happiest Minds has extensive experience in developing apps with over a 100 apps live on the Android play-store and the Apple app-store. We have also chosen a domain focused strategy in building our Mobile expertise with a special emphasis on Retail and Travel, Connected Cars, Health and Fitness, Education, Home and Building Automation, Media, Payments and Industrial to name a few.

We offer-


Testing as a function often takes a back-seat to the demands of business and can sometimes be reduced to an after-thought as businesses constantly endeavor to accelerate their time to market. While Mobile platforms provide for a multitude of options to engage with customers, they can also be the source of unending frustration if the right checks and balances have not been put in place while testing.

An effective mobile testing strategy should be able to address the challenges of fragmented platforms, deep rooted security issues, ensuring a simple yet engaging user experience all while being pressured to accelerate the time to market. 

Happiest Minds can help by offering automated testing suites that radically accelerate regression test times. We offer –

  • Functional Testing
  • Browser Agnostic Automation
  • Web driver Automation
  • Accessibility testing
  • End to End Testing – Functional, Security, Performance and Automation
Maintenance and Updates

If there is one characteristic of the mobile landscape that defines it unequivocally, it is its penchant to constantly change and shift shape. Hence, mobile applications need to be continuously updated as changes to the operating system and devices occur at a feverish pace as end users are constantly demanding more. We help our clients by adopting a distributed agile approach that enables us to provide updates on a continuous basis. We –

  • Manage changes to content, APIs and third-party integrations
  • Measure user behavior and application usage
  • Provide App upgrades to support OS changes


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