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Leveraging proximity sensor technologies to deliver highly personalized customer experience is the next frontier of digital marketing. In-the-moment marketing is very effective when done with the correct context of location and time. It is therefore important for brands to understand the customer, locate them, and, deliver relavant marketing messgaes for maximum campaign effectiveness.

Happiest Mind Proximity Marketing solution transforms the retail in- store experience by providing intelligence and tools that enable brands to make well-informed business decisions. Leveraging beacons technology, our solutions help boost in-store traffic, understand customer preferences, increase customer loyalty, analyse product performance statistics in real-time, and enhance customer engagements. We empower brands to:

  • Integrate data gathered by in-store beacons and sensors to derive actionable insights and create a comprehensive customer profile.
  • Perform a compact review of store performance, sales, and customer behaviour using comprehensive analytics platform.
  • Send unique and personalized messages to the customers at the right place and at the right time.
  • Track and analyze path to purchase to optimize communications and boost conversions.
  • Enable two way interaction with customers for maximum impact and to create best in class customer experience.

Our deep-rooted retail experience, best practices, and proven solutions help brands to create flexible platforms and custom applications that enhance and simplify the complete retail business.


  • Enhanced Shopping Experience: In-store Beacons provide ‘on the spot’ personalized offers, coupons, and rewards for the customers, which inspires customer action.
  • Customer Convenience: On the spot personalized offers diverts the customer attention away from competitors when they likely have purchase intent. Customers will appreciate receiving a discount or loyalty reward, or engage in coupon redemption for product purchase even if they have no initial solid plans to purchase it.
  • Customer Intelligence: Beacon-enabled apps collect data on customers’ shopping preferences and spending habits thereby enabling retailers to create more personalized and targeted offers.
  • Competitive: Beacons will add synergy to existing marketing campaigns and create competitiveness advantage.


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