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Empower your contact service agents with your customer 360-degree view. Provide relevant insights so as to have engaging conversions with your customers at the Point of Service Delivery.

Product leveraged: Service Cloud

Solution Highlights

  • Next Generation Agent Console with preconfigured VF enabled widgets for displaying data from disparate sources
    • Transaction History
    • Customer Preferences
    • Case History
  • Little data presented to agent for an engaging conversation with the customer
    • Loyalty History including YTD spend
    • Metrics like LTV, CSAT
    • Data from customers’ saved lists
  • Recommendations for upsell / cross sell
    • Product extensions / Warranty
    • Next best product
    • Contextual Offers

Business Benefits

  • Customer
    • Better Experience – Increased CSAT
    • Loyalty – Increased LTV, NPS
  • Customer Service Representatives
    • Customer Service Representatives
    • Better service delivery
  • Enterprise
    • Reduced OPEX – C2C, CPO, C2S, FCR, Reduced Transfers
    • Revenues – Increased conversion, AOV, Cross & Up Sell


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