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Automate and optimize your end-to-end contract management processes. Collaborate with multiple functions during the contract management lifecycle in real-time for faster approvals.

Product leveraged: platform

Solution Highlights

  • Lead capture: Multi channel enabled lead capture
  • Contract Creation: Contract Search, Clause Master Data, Templates, Versioning, Microsoft Office Integration
  • Collaboration leveraging Chatter
  • Approvals & Workflows
  • Enterprise Integration with ERP
  • Electronic Signature
  • Revenue: Revenue Recognition, Invoicing, Reports & Spend Analysis, Renewals

Business Benefits

  • Shorter contracting lifecycle (one of the implementations reduced cycle time by 50%)
  • Higher contract renewal rates & hence increase in revenues
  • Lower administrative costs
  • Lower cost of service – no manual effort spent on search, retrieval and replicating of contracts
  • Stronger compliance with a tighter control over business & legal SLA / clauses.


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